Friday, 10 August, 2007

Mississippi John Hurt - Last Sessions (1966)

If you can find a bluesman more heartbreaking than this one, please put him in jail.

1. Poor Boy, Long Ways from Home
2. Boys You're Welcome
3. Joe Turner's Blues
4. First Shot Missed Him
5. Farther Along
6. Funky Butt
7. Spider Spider
8. Waiting For You
9. Shortnin' Bread
10. Trouble I've Had It All My Days
11. Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me
12. Good Morning Carrie
13. Nobody Cares For Me
14. All Night Long
15. Hey Honey Right Away
16. You've Got To Die
17. Goodnight Irene


Bravo Juju said...

Anonymous said...

I know you're only making a humorous comment but I still don't understand it even as a joke ... why jail? Surely a recording studio would be better.

Bravo Juju said...

Sure, or please provide us with the links.
But still, since almost every single blues singer has a song about life in prison, putting him in jail could be a good option.

Lucky said...

'heartbreaking' is the right word for john hurt - and i also understand the thing about putting a more heartbreaking one as a joke. there are many great blues artists, but hurt definately is some of the most intimate and warm ones.

thanks for sharing this one - a cornerstone, together with his other 2 releases for vanguard, which are very similar. i think they're been recorded at about the same time - thank god they could bring this guy to record again!!

J said...


Anonymous said...

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