Sunday 23 November, 2008

Ghost in the Machine featuring Evan Parker (1996)

This 1993 date featured British saxophone and improvisation deity Evan Parker with Copenhagen's Ghost-in-the-Machine trio and Martin Klapper on electronics. This traditional quartet -- saxophones, bass, drums, and piano -- added Klapper to extend the sonic possibilities of all the instruments, which were amplified by microphones. The results are studies more in texture, atmospherics, and sonic constructions than they are in spontaneous composition. They hold the listener's interest simply because there is no way to predict what direction any particular passage, let alone entire piece, will take. This quintet was making music for its own edification, for its own sense of investigation and discovery -- and that's just fine. The more outside a work's context the listener is placed in -- especially with improvised music -- the deeper one is required to listen to find a common bridge to the sonic language spoken on the recording. Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

1. Beginnings
2. Highup
3. Hipawl
4. Throy
5. Intertuba/Extremii
6. Radio Djibouti
7. Tivoli After Dark
8. Free Techno
9. The Base Piano
10. Birds in Cages
11. Train

Christer Irgens-Moller: piano, keyboards, voice
Peter Friis Nielsen: electric bass
Pere Oliver Jorgens: percussion, drums
Martin Klapper: amplified objects, dictaphone, tapes, toys
Evan Parker: soprano and tenor saxophones.

Recorded in September 1993 in Copenhagen
Released in 1996 by Leo Records.



Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

Thank You!
Do you have Dark Rags with AMM?

bravo juju said...

No... Found some dead links at a forum, but I'm afraid we can't help you there.


Anonymous said...

Here is something for you to have ..Here are links for the Bailey - Sabu - Brotzmann - Live In Okayama cd -------Recorded on Nov 16 th 1987 here are mp3 links -- .. here is a link for the cover

bravo juju said...

Dear Jazzme
Thanks a lot for the early xmas gift. Unfortunately, however, the link seems to lead us to an empty mediafire account. Any chance for a re-up?

Anonymous said...

Cecil Taylor - Student Studies - - Cato Salsa Experience w The Thing & Joe Mcphee - Ken Vander Mark - Caffeine - Peter Brotzmann Keiji Haino - Earl Heywood - Tales of the Donneley Feud - This is actually my cd Steve Brown - On the Air recorded live to air Oct 31 2001 , released 2002 -

Anonymous said...

Enlarge to full page ( I did this and all the links work ) , the small page cuts off the end of the link . They are invidual files for each song as I am not good at uploading and do it rarely . Brave check out . this is a friend of mine and his collection is mind blowing , I know as I have been searching for records with this guy for years , it has started with a bang and it is going to keep getting louder

bravo juju said...

It does work!
Thanks for all the gifts, Steve. I'm particularly curious about your Americana recording.
Cheers and thanks.

mino said...

Never heard this one, thanks!

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