Tuesday, 8 July, 2008

Ali / Belogenis / Morris - Live at Tonic (2002)

The first track (“Invocation: Trane Is In The House”) of this January 2001 live date just about describes it all. This trio formed from the embers of the creative luminescence that was John Coltrane sears through a New York winter evening. Drummer Rashied Ali is familiar with this territory, having held the drum chair from 1965 through 1967, the year of Coltrane’s death. Together Trane and Ali explored the outer reaches of free jazz, recording Meditations, and Interstellar Space. Ali’s drumming abandoned the pulse and timekeeping beats of Elvin Jones for the same freedom John Coltrane was pursuing.

Rashied Ali’s resurgence has paralleled the Downtown scene’s rediscovery of all things free. Together with saxophonist Louie Belogenis, Ali recorded three discs under the name Prima Materia in the mid-nineties and a duet Rings of Saturn for the Knitting Factory label. This live date adds bassist Wilbur Morris (Billy Bang, Charles Gayle, and David Murray) to produce a stout free jazz unit. The opener churns from the get-go as Belogenis screams out lines against the pin-wheeling Ali and walking Morris.

The triad of musicians can barely contain the burn; pausing briefly for a bass solo, Belogenis lays out and Ali rattles the snare. Then they are back at it conjuring the outer reaches of Coltrane’s vision.The beauty of this session is the equal balance between these three. They vary the mood on the introspective “Red Shifting” and the driving “Norfolk Street Run Down.” “Heavenly Star,” dedicated to Albert Ayler, nicely captures the spirit of Ayler’s speech. The final Coltrane Classic, “Spiritual,” acts as a processional lament, reminding one that free jazz is certainly rooted in the blues. Mark Corroto

1. Invocation: Trane is in the House
2. Elixir
3. Red Shifting
4. Norfolk Street Run Down
5. Heavenly Star (for Albert Ayler)
6. Brazilia
7. Spiritual.

Rashied Ali - Drums
Louie Belogenis - Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Wilber Morris - Bass

#2, 3, 4 written by Ali, Belogenis & Morris
#1, 5 written by Belogenis
#6, 7 written by Coltrane
Recorded live at Tonic, 6/01/2001
Released by DIW in 2002



Nuage fiché qui rêve said...

I was just listening yesterday to "Peace on Earth" by Prima Materia ; now looking forward to hear this one. Thank you Jardim !

Anonymous said...

Dear Juju,

bravo for this album, great job!

thanks a lot, dude,

keep up the great job!!!!!

enrique :)

bravo juju said...

Thanks for your kind words. Do keep in touch.

It's a pleasure to hear from you after such a long time. Huppes has been too quiet for the past few months, sadly. Hope you come back.
Never heard Prima Materia, so that could be a good pretext to put Huppes back in action... ;)


bravo juju said...

Our friend Frédito shared this link for Prima Materia


Anonymous said...

PRIMA MATERIA was a project for revitalizing the music of some jazz giants of the past like ALBERT AYLER, JOHN COLTRANE a.o.A listen of these musicians makes clear, though, their abilities go futrher than a simple tributing.Compositions like COLTRANE`s or AYLER`s allow/demand new "reading" from both musicians and listeners, especially nowadays that most of "experimental" or "avant music" made, is "easy" and in a high degree meaningless. Under such ascertainments LA FOLIE DU JOUR tries to help rediscovering some genuinely daring works of the past.Quite daring also we find your posts of free-improv-live material, although you know (i guess), in advance, that in these occassions "you should be there at the moments of act".
Bravo, bravojuju !

Rod Warner said...

This is a fine session! Ali and Morris I know but Belogenis was just a vague name- what a good player. Thanks for introducing me to his music!

Anonymous said...

Excelent!!! Thanx a lot.

soyo said...

this trio sounds great!! Thank you.
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