Saturday, 18 October, 2008

Acousmatrix VII - Berio/Maderna (2004)

In 1955 Luciano Berio and Bruno Maderna founded the Studio di Fonologia at a Milan radio station; it was the first electronic music studio in Italy. Berio became very active there, organizing concerts and also publishing a new music journal, both under the name Incontri Musicali. Berio explored the frontiers of sound, particularly vocal sound.

Among Berio's three contributions here, his Thema (Omaggio a Joyce) is the most memorable. Words come up from the ether in English, Italian, and French, merging and causing one another to erupt with new meaning and sonic resonance as they collude, combine, and resist their electronic counterparts. Maderna's two works, La Rire and Invenzione su una Voce, are both extreme exercises in splicing techniques. The voice and the taped sounds are so distorted, removed from their centre of gravity and context, that they become mere sonic elements in a collage of rhythm, sound, and dynamic. Indeed, the scratching techniques used by DJs today were taken to extreme territories in 1960.

Luciano Berio - Momenti, for tape - 7:15
Luciano Berio - Thema (Homage to Joyce), for tape - 6:20
Luciano Berio - Visage, for tape - 21:07
Bruno Maderna - Le Rire, for tape - 16:02
Bruno Maderna -Dimensioni II-Invenzione su una Voce - 16:02

booklet here!

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KRENG said...

Beatiful post!
Thank you so much for sharing this uncommon work

kevin said...

Amazing. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this - great stuff! But the comparison woith dj scratching today sound strnage to me.


bravo juju said...

this comparison is more likely in maderna's tracks, than in berio's.

the beauty of the disc doesn't lie on the so called "scratch tecnique", but it is a destinguishing mark from other contemporany electroacoustic work arround the human voice, as it is an amazing leap in time between the nowadays common concepts and the realms of "early" and "innocent" music creativity.

thank you for the comment; maybe we've got over-excited with the idea!

stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

As a collector of electronic music since 1960s I must thank you for this opportunity. And as a collector of anything wacko, I would like to find Luciano Berio's wife Cathy Berberian's album of the Beatles covers! Can anyone help me?

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