Sunday, 22 March, 2009

Cecil Taylor - The Eighth (1989)

“Taylor's art confronts nature so organically because it embraces the same attitudes, makes the same demands. Rejecting frivolous entertainment, it is ritual--a rite of creation that accepts paradox as it attempts to transcend it" ~ Art Lange

Pianist, composer, and educator. Leader of jazz group, 1953--; released debut LP, Jazz Advance, 1956; performed at Five Spot Cafe, New York City, 1956; led onstage band in play The Connection, 1960; toured Europe, 1962; organized Jazz Composers Guild, 1964; recorded with Jazz Composers orchestra, 1968; played for Maeght Foundation, France, 1969, and Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, 1972; performed in ensembles and as a solo artist at various jazz festivals, including Newport, 1957 and 1972, Great South Bay, 1958, Montreux, 1974, and Kool Jazz, 1984; two-piano performance with Mary Lou Williams, Carnegie Hall, 1977; performed with ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov; composed short ballet Tetra Stomp: Eatin' Rain in Space, 1979; performed for President Jimmy Carter at the White House, 1979 (one source says 1978). Instructor in music, University of Wisconsin, 1970-71; Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH, 1972-74; and Glassboro State College, NJ. [more info here]


Cecil Taylor - Boesendorfer piano
Jimmy Lyons - alto saxophone
William Parker - double bass
Rashid Bakr - drums

1. Calling it The 8th (57:40)
2. Calling it The 9th (10:51)

Recorded live November 8th, 1981 at Freiburger Jazztage Freiburg, Germany;



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jorge mussuto said...

my friend file in megaupload does not, can you please put it on rapidshare, I intended several times and do not download.

1009 said...

Thanks. No problems with megaupload here.

Apparently "Sexy" really liked this one.

bravo juju said...

Dear jmussuto;

Sorry but the link is perfectly functional there is no need to upload it again, we just checked it, try to download it again maybe with another broswer (with Firefox) or through another computer.


jorge mussuto said...

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kike said...

Dear Bravo

thank you very mcuh for sharing this one on Cecil. OOP recording on Hathut one of the finest record label from Europe. I love it!


best regards, Kike.

ps: More Hatology records if you can...a big thank. It's very hart to find, really. :)

gerireig said...

This is sinfully good-my favorite Cecil. You're puttiing out some heavy discs, my friend. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Thanks--I saw this version of the unit in 1980 and they explored very similar territory. I have the truncated LP but never got around to getting the unedited version, so: cool!

unitstructure said...

In april I had the opportunity to see mr. taylor in buffalo n.y. He is still burning.Thanks for sharing this.