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Jorge Peixinho & Daniel Kientzy - S/T (1996)

Composer, pianist, teacher, conductor, professor, maestro, lecturer, writer, Jorge Peixinho is an essential figure in contemporary music in Portugal of the second half of the 20th century. He was born in Montijo in 1940 (near Lisbon) and studied at the Lisbon Conservatoire, where he completed courses in Piano and Composition. Later, with a Gulbenkian scholarship, he studied in Rome with Boris Porena and Goffredo Petrassi at the Academy of Saint Cecilia, where he received a higher diploma in composition.
He worked with Luigi Nono in Venice and with Pierre Boulez and Karlheinz Stockhausen at the Academy of Music in Basel. He attended the International Summer Course in Darmstadt several times, and took part in the projects of group composition conceived and run by Stockhausen. In addition, he spent a period of research in Ghent (Belgium) and was subsequently invited to write various pieces for the Studio of Electronic Music in Bourges (France).
Peixinho died in 1995 and, despite a prolific and creative career, remains an obscure figure even within specialized music circles in his own country.

1. Concerto para Saxofone Alto e Orquestra [1961]
2. Sax-Blue (saxophones and echo chamber) [1982]
3. Passage Intérieur (saxophones, electric guitar, electric bass, synth, percussion) [1989]
4. Fantasia-Impromptu (alto sax, piano) [1990]

Daniel Kientzy - saxophones
Filarmonica Transilvania, dir. Emil Simon (#1)
Claude Pavy - electric guitar (#3)
Emmanuel Binet - bass (#3)
Laurent Potier - synthesizer (#3)
Vicent Limouzin - percussion (#3)
Mihail Virtosu - piano (#4)

Released by Nova Musica in 1996.


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