Thursday, 18 June, 2009

Heiner Goebbels & Alfred 23 Harth - Live à Victoriaville (1988)

Double Avenue, an old enemy of the Ewings, was kind enough to provide fine rips of some old LPs from the Dallas vinyl collection. He started off with 3 fine LPs, randomly chosen, which we will be posting in the following days. Hopefully, he will be ripping other LPs, just for the love of mankind.
To kick off, we selected this very emotional recording of Goebbels and Harth live in Victoriaville. This is a sort of "best of" by the duo, with tunes from several previous outfits and records. Fans of Cassiber and the duo will recognize most of the songs, although their music is here presented in a very stark and stripped down form. The audience is very excited and obviously knowledgeable of the night's repertoire. A very emotional and exciting performance.

A1. Los Campesinos
A2. The Ballad Of The Durable Grey Goose
A3. The Laughing And The Crying Man
A4. Lightning Over Moscow
A5. Imagine You're A Dolphin
B1. On Suicide
B2. Le Rappel Des Oiseaux
B3. The Peking Opera
B4. At Last I Am Free

Alfred 23 Harth: saxs, clarinets, trombone, voice
Heiner Goebbels: piano, synthesizer, clarinet, sax, voice, chinese violin, percussion

Recorded live in Victoriaville in 2-10-1987
Released by Victo Records in 1988



wightdj said...

Very nice post, thanks.

Rua do Carmo said...

Excellent Vinil Rip... Excellent concert...

Anonymous said...

Mister Juju, bravo!

What a great collection, thank you so muc for all the masterpieces to explore and discover and all your work!

Best wishes!

Richard said...

I sure do appreciate that JR.

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