Thursday, 2 July, 2009

Echoes of the Forest: Music of the Central African Pygmies (1995)

01. Men's Elephant - Hunting Song
02. Girls' Echo Song
03. Peipa (Girl's Initiation)
04. Honey-Gathering Song
05. Women's Wedding Song
06. Net-Hunting Song
07. Méli-é
08. Bow-Harp And Vocal
09. Ikobi (Gathering Song-Version 1)
10. Ikobi (Version 2)
11. One-string Violin
12. Lote (notched flute)
13. Sanza (plucked Idiophone, or 'thumb piano')
14. Birth Celebration
15. Geedal
16. Mangissa
17. Ejengi Ceremony
18. Makuse (Music to bring luck to a hunting camp)

Thanks to the original uploader.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Juju.
The link is on working and rapidshare has been giving this message for the last few hours - -

"The file is not fully saved at RapidShare yet. This file is possibly still being uploaded.
Please try again later."

bravo juju said...

Problem solved. Enjoy.

Audiovisor said...

Hi Juju,

I`ve just found your`s amazing!congrats!

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See you.

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Anonymous said...

Trop cool Juju! T'as frappe fort avec cet album aussi rare qu'interessant. Je t'encourage a explorer les autres titres chez Ellipsis Arts. Que du bonheur!