Wednesday, 16 January, 2008

Arnold Dreyblatt & The Orchestra of Excited Strings - Nodal Excitation (1982)

"Nodal Excitation is a reissue of a key minimalist masterwork. Dreyblatt's documentation in the past has been slim, with albums on Hat Art, Tzadik and (shortly) Table of the Elements. This album features a 39 minute performance by Arnold's group known as The Orchestra of Excited Strings, recorded in 1981/82. Dreyblatt only had one record (Nodal Excitation, on the mostly post-AACM jazz label India Navigation), before he packed and moved to Berlin, were he concentrated on other activities, making only 2 more records over the next 10 years. But for those who caught the action, Arnold was the man. He was more rock than any of the other minimalists combined, and he was also the only one to really tap into that massive proto-minimal sound that Conrad had squelched out of his tin-contact mic violin in the early 60s. Indeed, in the early 70s, after being in school in Buffalo, where Conrad taught, Dreyblatt moved into Manhattan to work for LaMonte Young, where he witnessed first hand, and listened first-ear to those legendary recordings of the Theatre of Eternal Music. He got interested in long string sounds, and bought a bass that he wired with piano wire. By hitting the strings instead of bowing them, Dreyblatt was able to get those ringing overtones, but he also had added something new: pure rhythm...So what you have here is Dreyblatt's freshman record, a slice of minimal history that is as potent now, if not more, as it was then. It was a lighthouse that was aiming the wrong way when the tugboat came by, but now it's shining right in your face." - Drag City Press Release

Arnold Dreyblatt, Michael Hauenstein: Bass Viols with Excited Strings
Peter Phillips: Midget Upright Pianoforte
Kraig Hill: Portable Pipe Organ
Greg Lewis: Hurdy Gurdy

Recorded & Mixed Dec. 81/Jan. 82
First Release in 1982. Re-release in 1998.



Anonymous said...

I'm curious about this one. Thanks for uploading and the informative introduction.

Anonymous said...

much to listen + dl to on his homepage.

bravo juju said...

We'd be very grateful if someone should share other Dreyblatt releases with us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this! Another release - Propellers in Love (1988) is here, enjoy:

bravo juju said...

Hi Uncle.
Many, many thanks fo the link.

Diplodocus shared this:
Animal Magnetism (1995)

And Daniel 72 shared this:
The Sound of One String (Live and previously unreleased recordings 1979-91):


Anonymous said...

wow! fantastic cooperation! thank you boyz...

bravo juju said...

The wonders of sharity...


Unknown said...

Hello bravo juju
We start 'India Navigation Discography' and made a link to this post.
If you do not want it, please tell me so.
Keep it up and thank you in advance.


bravo juju said...

It is a pleasure to contribute for your new project.
Thanks for linking.

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