Tuesday, 8 January, 2008

Other Dimensions in Music - Now! (1998)

"Titular infelicities notwithstanding, these worthies make delicious, big-boned music. Now! But to couch its essence to prose. First off, anything involving the bassist William Parker is going to sound unusual. Parker’s an original. Happily, his partners are in all respects peers. As an ensemble (rather, say, than upstaging egoists), they make music immersed in jazz’s easy phraseology, but in terms of enormous originality, with deft, virtuosic interaction as chief among delights. The annotator calls ODIM a collective. The term is apt. These are mature, imaginative, top-shelf players who’ve worked together for a great many years. As intense as the music sounds, its gist is lovingly lyrical. If your system does a good job with the low end, you may at first wonder why the engineer, Jim Anderson, goosed up the bass. Few recordings exercise my woofers as visibly as this. The poor things looked ready to pop from their moorings. Hearing this group in the flesh tells me that all Anderson did was make a true-to-life recording. These studio sessions capture an afternoon’s essence. Between Rashid Bakr’s low drums and Parker’s pungent bass, earthquake becomes the order of the day. Further, the louder you play the disc, the better. It won’t sound unlifelike". - Mike Silverton

"OTHER DIMENSIONS IN MUSIC is a collective creative improvising quartet of epic proportions. 'Now!' was their first new album in 9 years; only their second in 15 years of togetherness. This is soul improv at its most magical; I kid you not. A stone classic this album; for the ages. Soul-sonics of deep compassion and receptivity to the world which surrounds. When the time comes that a majority of Americans listens to ODIM once a week, then we'll all be happier for the wisdom imparted from within". - SJ

1. For The Glass Tear - After Evening's Orange
2. Tears For The Boy Wonder (For Winston Marsalis) [sic]
3. Blue Expanded
4. Whispers & Cries Of Change
5. Dawn
6. Steve's Festive Visions Revisited

Roy Campbell Jr. - trumpet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet
Rashid Bakr - drums
Daniel Carter
- alto sax, tenor sax, flute, trumpet
William Parker - bass

Produced by Steven Joerg and ODIM
Recorded and mixed by Jim Anderson at Sound On Sound Studio, NYC on March 19, 1997



il angelo said...

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bravo JuJu

thanks very much for posting this one! One of the great freejazz ensemble on this days!

Thanks a lot, Kike.

ps: a request to you
Do you have to share some recording on Dennis Gonzalez?


polk said...

any chance you can get your hands on william parker/hamid drake's summer snow? curious. thx, dudes - fine blog here.

bravo juju said...

Il Angelo:
Very glad to see someone liking this with such enthusiasm. keep in touch.

It is a great recording, and it's a pleasure to see a post eliciting such good reactions. Unfortunately, we cannot help you on Dennis Gonzalez. But if you ask around, someone may be able to help you.

As I said in the previous post, we cannot help you with that record. But, as pointed out to Kike, it is very likely that you'll find it somewhere...

Cheers to all

Anonymous said...

Thank u so much Mr. Bravo!

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