Thursday, 27 March, 2008

Christian Marclay, Ikue Mori, Elliott Sharp - Acoustiphobia (2000)

"The works in this collection are from an evening celebrating the third year of the Sonic Arts program at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Collectively, the artists represented on this CD encounter sound, engage architecture, articulate a building and ultimately create a sound walk for their audience. This document reveals emerging movements toward sonic portraiture, elaborate and sometimes whimsical sculptural multi-channel diffusions, and re-re- and recording practices." Lauren Weigner & Doug Henderson

"On the first Acoustiphobia disc, we'll listen to Christian Marclay, a veteran turntablist, joining forces with Ikue Mori's drum machine and electronics, as well as Elliott Sharp's guitarbass, saxophone, and electronics. The sounds that emerge from the mix often have a distorted, eerie character. Reverberant held tones waft off into pitch-shifted whirs and punchy thuds. One can make out Sharp's guitar in many passages simply on the basis of its heavy string overtones; likewise, his saxophone playing emerges clearly because of its reediness. But those instruments merge with the electronics and the turntables into a dynamic pastiche of sound whose original connection with its sources remains nebulous. Thank god for stereo recording, which greatly enriches the experience.
Disc two of Acoustiphobia features experiments in sound from students of Boston's School of the Museum of Fine Arts. As a strictly student presentation, these twenty pieces reflect a cleverness and naiveté which is rare in recorded media. Found sounds, vocal passages, and heavily treated electronic tones trade off throughout these pieces. And with the rich diversity of approaches, the listener must shift gears every few minutes to adjust to a new style of composition". Nils Jacobson

recorded January, 31, 2000

Elliott Sharp -
bass , saxophone , computer, electronics
Ikue Mori -
electronic drums, electronics
Christian Marclay -

1 - boston one (8:22)
2 - boston two (17:39)
3 - boston three (7:31)
4 - boston four (19:21)


DISC 2: Student works from the Sonic Arts Program at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

1 - Anna Davis - Eavesdropping (1:09)
2 - David Weber - Fuzzy Quadraphonic Headwear (2:43)
3 - Seth Colburn - Not A Rainstick (2:13)
4 - Sophie Mikes - Freedom Fighter Radio (1:45)
5 - Jon Macintosh - Kissing Audio Instructional (1:28)
6 - Luke Walker - Selma (3:40)
7 - John Corso - Words For Small Children (1:04)
8 - Noel Weber - Elevator Interior Ambience (2:00)
9 - Yuki Yoshida - Dragging Chair & Popcorn Maker (1:08)
10 - Adriane Hughes - The Fourth Wall (2:51)
11 - Josh Winer - Windowseat (1:03)
12 - Martin Pavuni - A Small Heroic Suite (5:19)
13 - Lana Gospodnetic - Portrait Of The Museum Of Arts And Crafts Zagreb (3:10)
14 - David Matorin - Clock Phase (1:55)
15 - Ben Fenton - Building Bolts (1:03)
16 - Lana Gospodnetic - Third Space (5:30)
17 - David Weber - Suitcase: Playback Unit 3 (4:26)
18 - Ben Fenton - Queensbury Garage (1:18)
19 - Seth Colburn - Live Feedback (1:27)
20 - Martin Pavunic - Adventure (6:55)

disc 1::link@320
disc 2::link@320


Unknown said...

Wow Bravo!
Three of my favourites in the same record. I recently post a little impro by Sharp & Marclay. And now you upload both but with Ikue Mori. I went last summer to Copenhagen to see this woman in concert. And Marclay, what a "dj"!
Thanks for this, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy this evening.

And I've to tell you that this morning I've been listening to Vivaldi's Stabat Mater. What a beautiful music. How something as sad as Stabat Mater text can be so beautiful. Really one of the best moments in the last months. I haven't listened to this SM for a long time. But I perfectly remembered the music. I used to listen Vivaldi and other baroque composers with my parents. I grew with this music. This brings many memories to me…
Thanks, many thanks!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

1.000.000 grazie!

p.s.: 'the tower of mirrors' you'll find here.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Salut.

Anonymous said...

Bom disco, sim senhor.

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