Tuesday, 20 May, 2008

Bill Dixon - Son of Sisyphus (1990)

"Bill Dixon's Soul Note exploration is typically thoughtful, introverted and often downbeat. Two duets on piano with bassist Mario Pavone ("Silences For Jack Moore" and "Sumi-E") both put as much emphasis on space as on the sounds. The other pieces find Dixon's tonal distortions on the trumpet often joined by moaning long tones from the tuba of John Buckingham, the competing ideas of Pavone and the often-fiery drums of Laurence Cook. "Schema V1-88" uses a single sound as the basis for the group improvisation while other pieces feature the musicians reacting quite freely to each other. These lyrical explorations move forward without a pulse and, once one gets used to the "style" (or lack of), they reward repeated listenings." by Scott Yanow, in All Music Guide

Bill Dixon - Son of Sisyphus (1990)

1. Silences for Jack Moore 2'18''
2. Vector 1'55''
3. Son of Sisyphus 7'19''
4. Schema VI-88 3'10''
5. Fusama Codex 5'23''
6. Mandala per Mandela 3'50''
7. Sumi-E 2'58''
8. Negoro Codex 4'28''
9. Molti Molti Anni Fa... 7'40''

Bill Dixon - trumpet, piano
John Buckingham - tuba
Mario Pavone - double bass
Laurence Cook - percussion

All compositions by Bill Dixon

Recorded June 28 and 29 of 1988 at Barigozzi Studio, Milano, Italy
© Soul Note 1990



Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for this very deep music. But the review you present from AMG is lousy, man! Most AMG reviews are anyway.Great looking blog you have here, many thanks. - S

bravo juju said...
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bravo juju said...


Thanks for your feedback, we're glad that you appreciated the record!
About the review, we don't find it that lousy and it was the best we could find. If you find a more interesting review please suggest, we'll be happy to replace it.

Anyway, and after all, what really matters is the music, and for that matter Dixon's Son of Sisyphus is a good music record :)

Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

it used to be about the music

Anonymous said...

I was just commenting on the poor quality of reviews in general and AMG reviews in particular. The one by Yanow doesn't make justice to this wonderful recording, imo.

- S

GBML said...

Thanks a lot JuJu this is really a great piece of music!
A new Hat for you for this one :-)

il angelo said...

This one is outstanding, great music, great musician, great selection on your part.
Thanks su much

SOTISE said...

cant go wrong here, a beautiful share...btw/ thanks for all the great recent posts!!
take care

bravo juju said...

Dear All;

We're glad that you enojoyed this record. We can announce that in June we'll have a few more pearls from Dixon ;-)

stay tunned for more rock'n'burst!

Best Regards;

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes!!! this is beautiful, man!!!

Anonymous said...

cada vez curto mais isto

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to hear this...Bill dixon always a fave in this abode..
Great blog, an education...really...
We Appreciate all the hard work that goes into making this blog so cool.

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