Monday, 12 May, 2008

David Moss Dense Band - Live in Europe (1988)

1. Two to Three to Tango
2. Re-Shuffle
3. Day to Climb
4. Full Step
5. Glider
6. Neural Sense
7. Song of the Possible
8. Slant Lines
9. Slow Talking
10. Miniscus
11. Swayaway

David Moss: Drums, Vocals
Wayne Horvitz: Dx7 & DX100 Synths, Harmonica
Christian Marclay: Turntables, Records
Jon Rose: 19-String Cello, Violin
Jean Chaine: Bass 

All tracks by Moss & Frith, except #10 (Cora, Moss, Frith), #8 (Moss, Chaine), #9 (Moss) 
Recorded at "Musique Action 87" in Vandoeuvre, France, on May 23, 1987. 
Tracks 10 & 11 do not appear on the vinyl version.
Cover art: "The Entymologist", by Nick Lawrence. 
Released in 1988 by Ear-Rational Records.



Anonymous said...

Wow,I love this man's music. Had a studio album from him, and I remember hearing some of this one on the radio years ago. I can't believe I finally found it. Thanks!!!

bravo juju said...

We're happy when you're happy.
Keep in touch.

GBML said...

Another Hut for you for this one JuJu.
This bank smoked at the time ( i saw a few concerts of then)
Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, your blog is beautiful and I love the various sounds !

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Rebekah said...

Thanks, your blog is beautiful and I love the various sounds !

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