Thursday, 26 June, 2008

Peter Zummo _ Tom Hamilton - Slybersonic Tromosome (2000)

"Acoustic versus synthesized, breathing versus bleeping, live versus studio: Slybersonic Tromosome is all about contrasts and opposites meeting. Peter Zummo is a virtuoso on the trombone. His extended technique covers a lot of aural ground, an impression emphasized by his use of unusual instruments like didgeridoo and irrigation hose. Tom Hamilton plays electronics and synthesizers. They have been working together since 1993 but Slybersonic Tromosome is their first recording as a duet. Both instrumentalists been recorded separately and then integrated through digital mixing. Although there was live interaction at the session, there was also subsequent studio tampering. This work method allows better mixing of the electronics (stereo panning, depth in the mix), resulting in a more lively and -- paradoxically enough -- interactive performance on CD. It sounds like Zummo and Hamilton relate to each other on a subconscious level as they anticipate the other's move. The electronics take at times an almost electroacoustical quality, dressing up the music in an almost "thoroughly composed" fashion. The music contains a healthy dose of humor tha translates into track titles like "Neural Sturgeon" and "Trance for the Bopanon Set."
A very enjoyable CD requiring a lot of the listener's attention" by: François Couture, All Music Guide

Slybersonic Tromosome was released in a numbered limited edition of 600 copies.


1. Café Criminal 3:03
2. Neural Sturgeon 8:28
3. Raging Ions 6:42
4. Today's Beat Thing Tomorrow 10:07
5. Trance for the Bopanon Set 6:30
6. Rachel Tension 9:54
7. Steaming the Envelope 4:22
8. Loudspeaker Than Words 2:19
9. Pup Ramping 7:21

Tom Hamilton: synthesizer, electronics, beat thing
Peter Zummo: trombone, valve trombone, irrigation hose, didjeridu, mouthpiece extender, beat thing, superfunnel



Anonymous said...

!!! Superb !!! What a treasure !!! Many many thanks to you, Juju.

bravo juju said...


Thank you for your kind words, it's indeed a rare and good work!!
Browse around, now and in the future, for more interesting music!

Best Regards;

Nuage fiché qui rêve said...

This reads interesting, looking forward to listen ! Thanks a lot BJ

bravo juju said...


Hope you enjoy the record!!!

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mississippi blind joe said...

thanks man.
this is totaly priceless.
it kind of reminds me sei miguel´s "tone gardens". but it´s way earlier. amazing.

thanks a lot. really.

Anonymous said...

Hello Juju. I had never these guys before but this is one truly exciting and original piece of music. Keep up the good work here. Peace, Stefan

Anonymous said...

This is a fanatastic album. Please share others by this duo if you have them, Mr. Juju.
And thanks for all the good music!
Merry Xmas!

Anonymous said...

you can find more music in which Peter Zummo took part here:

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Pretty Fox said...

Hello Juju. I had never these guys before but this is one truly exciting and original piece of music. Keep up the good work here. Peace, Stefan