Wednesday, 11 June, 2008

Bernhard Günter - Slow Gestures / Cérémonie Désir (1999)

"Anybody who has ever become really involved in listening to a piece of music, looking at a painting, or reading a book, will have noticed that our subjective time is not feeling the same as the chronometrical time our watch shows.

In my work as a composer I have often found that listeners believed a shorter piece to last longer than an actually longer one, and that their estimates of the duration of a work were often quite far from the actual chronometrical one.

These considerations together with the interest I have taken in neurological research into our perception of time have led me to devise a new time unit for measuring the duration of my musical works. Said research has found that our perception of "present", "now", "the present moment" is a time window of about three seconds, everything else is memory or anticipation.
So my new time unit is three seconds long, and I call it DIM, which stands for the french expression "durée; içi, maintenaint" (duration: here, now).

From now on, I will give the duration of my works expressed in numbers of this unit:
slow gestures / cérémonie désir (for heike) : 464.3 DIM
With this new time value, you will know how many "moments" of your attention/consciousness each of my works is asking for".

Slow Gestures / Cérémonie Désir (for Heike) 464.3 DIM

"It is very difficult for me to speak of this work, since it is getting very close to my goal of creating a kind of language free space. I thus prefer to let it go without further comment other than that I dedicate it to my companion Heike - each gesture is both speaking of her, and speaking to her, without words".

Composed, recorded and mastered by Bernhard Günter at Trente Oiseaux, 1999.
Cover by Marc Behrens

link@320 (mp3)


bravo juju said...

This is our first experience with the increasingly popular FLAC format. Please tell us if something went wrong.

genemesis said...

alors là, bravo Juju!
Flac et 320, sur un compositeur comme loi.... c'est Byzance... merci!

bravo juju said...

Lupanar, Byzance... J'adore votre allusions archaïques et ses significations fortement ambiguës...
Mais je ne comprends pas cette chose sur des olives...

Merci pour votre attention et fidélité.

Anonymous said...

very good idea to try in FLAC format .the quality of music is better than 320 mp3 and the experience of listening is more expanding,'cause all people don't listen to the music by tiny headphones in mp3 players ,during a bus or metro transport .
thanks again for great music + hard work.
from beyond

Anonymous said...

THANKS for this (and all the others) amazing releases... and specially for starting to post in FLAC format!

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Dick Whyte said...

I realise this is a long shot as you posted this a while back - but any chance of a re-up?? Especially the FLAC files? If not, all good. Just thought I would ask.

All the best - and thanks for a great blog!

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