Friday, 12 December, 2008

Jazkamer - Metal Music Machine (2006)

With "Metal Music Machine", Jazzkammer have made the album that Lou Reed did not make, they have taken Lou literally and made Metal Machine Music in the proper sense of the words. This is the Metal album of 2006, featuring members from Enslaved and Manngard. Jazzkammer is part of the tradition of bands that mix the avantgarde with noise, kraut, metal and punk, and creates new music with and unpretentious DIY esthetic. Part of the Jazzkammer team on this album are: Jørgen “Sir Dupermann” Træen of Toy, Ivar Bjørnson of Norwegian black metal legends Enslaved, as well as Iver Sandøy and Olav Kristiseter both of the metalband Manngard.

Jazzkammer mainmen are the Norwegian kings of noise, Lasse Marhaug and John Hegre (of Kaptein Kaliber among others). During their 8 year long existence Jazzkammer have explored different kinds of sound expressions and co-operated with different musicians, but the core has always been Marhaug and Hegre. Their first album “Timex” (Rune Grammofon) was part of the avantgarde electronics scene with acts such as Oval and the Mego label.

On their next album, “Rolex” (Smalltown Supersound) Jazzkammer were remixed by the noise elite, Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore (as far as we know Thurston's first and only remix), Merzbow, Pita and Francisco Lopez. After this album, they performed together with Merzbow at the Molde International Jazz Festival, which resulted in the album “Live at Molde International Jazz Festival”. And when everybody started to talk about the Norwegian noise scene, Jazzkammer went in a total different direction and released an album consisting of silence, or lowfrequent noise, an album so silent that one had problems hearing it. They called the album “Pancakes” with an artwork that looked as if it was taken from a late 70's punk album.

Even their label Smalltown Supersound had by then given up to define them and moved them over to their new sister label Smalltown Superjazzz, a label for free-jazz, noise and avant stuff. And they insisted on calling themselves Jazzkammer and to be on an own label called Smalltown Supernoise. Smalltown Supersound gave after and made a one-off label under Smalltown Superjazzz called Smalltown Supernoise. Confused? So are we, that is why this is the first and last album on this label.

1. Friends of Satan
2. The Worms Will Get In
3. Abomination
4. Metal Music Machine
5. Occult Glider

Released by Smalltown Supernoise/Superjazzz in 2006



Melvillain said...

Great stuff. Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

Satan rules this heterogeneous blog after all!
Long Live Obama, 666!

bravo juju said...

The Ewings have been humbly serving the Anti-Lord since day one. Welcome home, Lucifer

genemesis said...

Un album incroyable!
Merci infiniment...
une découverte pour moi, qui me croyais chrétien.
JR, si vous avez le art breaker ou un autre de leur album sous le coude(ou ailleurs), le sacrifice sera accompli.

bravo juju said...

Vous aider a accomplir la oblation; vous offrir la tête de la victime, tranchée d'un seul coup par notre borreau - c'etait notre plus fort désir pour cette Noel. Malheuresement, pourtant, la récitation s'arrête ici, et Metal Machine est le seule album de ces amis de Satan qui nous pouvons vous présenter.
Sarko vous aime!

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...


Anonymous said...

: )

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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