Tuesday, 23 December, 2008

Christian Marclay + Otomo Yoshihide - Moving Parts (2000)

Performer, sculptor, and sound artist Christian Marclay has been experimenting with phonograph records and turntables, applying the constructs of hip-hop to avant-garde sound art deconstruction since 1979. Having teamed up with Japanese turntablist and guitar player Otomo Yoshihide for their collaboration Moving Parts, the two continue in their ongoing quest to evolve music and sound far beyond anything that is even remotely accessible to a mainstream audience. Moving Parts is a ravenous bricolage of plunderphonics, pulling sounds from cut-up and reassembled records and the turntable itself. Even with all the noise, Moving Parts succeeds on a heady plane of association where, as Marshall McLuhan would definitely state, "the medium is the message."
Juxtaposing Hawaiian guitars, gas being released from valves, faint carnival noises, and double-bass pluckings, Marclay and Yoshihide assemble these harsh noises with the elegance of impressionist painters. And that is truly how they might imagine themselves, painting subtle pictures that change with each viewing depending on the angle and distance with which they are seen. Moving Parts toys with the endless possibility of chance and takes the greatest pleasure in knowing that listeners will either passionately love and/or actively hate listening to this record. Ken Taylor

1. Sliced and Diced
2. Derailment
3. Deep Down Under
4. Elephant Memories
5. Blood Eddy
6. Suburbia
7. Hyoushi
8. Fanfare
9. Lucky Seven
10. Distant Trip
11. Untitled (hidden track)

Recorded in San Francisco and NY between 1997 & 1999.
Released by Asphodel in 2000.



bravo juju said...

It's amazing how someone can write a review for this record and say absolutely nothing in so many lines.

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

"Moving Parts is a ravenous bricolage of plunderphonics, pulling sounds from cut-up and reassembled records and the turntable itself."

If you know these two heads.
that is enough!


bravo juju said...

Thanks, Ochyming, for this and previous comments.

Well, if you know these 2 fellows you hardly need any review. But if you don't know them, your selection is fine.

The point is that these AMG guys are paid to write reviews and when I need to search for a proper description of a record posted here, all I can find is (usually) pure rubbish - a few paragraphs of label hype that sometimes don't even mention the instruments used.

I guess I was just feeling that the review does not make full justice to this album, and somehow trivializes it with cliches like "love it or hate it", "an endless game of chance", etc.


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