Saturday 8 August, 2009

V/A - 2nd Juju Anniversary: A Lucky Selection

Mr. Lucky is a veteran in the trade of music-blogging and sonic-sharity. He has created, murdered and survived no less than 13 music blogs since 2006, such as Orang Aural, Squeezo, Cut-Out, Border Music, Infinity in Sound, Cineville, Mr. Lucky and a thousand others, endowing the sharosphere with a million sounds of his choice just for the love of humanity. Currently he is profitably running a psychic hut for the mystic misfits of our era, his longest venture so far.

Mr. Lucky was not only an inspiration for the creation of Bravo Juju but has also been a supporter, an ally and a friend of the Ewing Clan almost since day one. We were thus very happy when one of his secretaries informed us that Mr. Lucky had accepted our little challenge: to make a selection of some of the music he had enjoyed the most in the Bravo catalogue for the past two years, and create a compilation to mark the anniversary - no limits whatsoever. But one needs limits, of course, and Lucky decided to restrict his selection to artists he discovered here over this 2-year span. In the end, he produced a fine, diverse, and very personalized collection of 16 tracks, to which he was also kind enough to add a brilliant cover.

We can't think of a better way to celebrate two years of Jujuness than to invite one of our readers/listeners to offer us this sort of selection/feedback. A warm thank you to Lucky for all the work.
There are no plans to murder J.R. yet.

bravo juju | 2nd anniversary
a lucky selection

♠ 1
Dig d'Diz & Mondriaan String Quartet - Ontaarde Moeders (Unnatural Mothers): Moeder (Mother 1) (1996)
- from "Dig d'Diz meets the Mondriaan String Quartet"

♠ 2.

Rova Saxophone Quartet - Escape from Zero Village (1981)
- from "As Was"

♠ 3.
Alejandro Viñao - Go (1) - tape composition (1981)
- from "Hildegard's Dream"

♠ 4.
Robert Marcel Lepage - Le Sourire de la Joconde (1992)
- from "Ambiances Magnétiques: La Bastringue Migratoire - vol. 1"

♠ 5.
Lata Mangeshkar & Padmini Shivangi - Yaadon Ki Baaraat (1973)
- from RD Burman's soundtrack "Yaadon Ki Baaraat"

♠ 6.
Balinese Gamelan - Angklung kembang kirang (1993)
- from "Anthologie des Musiques de Bali Volume 2 - Gamelan Virtuoses"

♠ 7.
Lonnie Johnson (w/ Blind John Davis, Andrew Harris) - He's a Jelly-Roll Baker (1942)
- from "She's Your Cook But She Burns My Bread Sometimes"

♠ 8.

Henry Mancini - Your Father's Feathers (1961)
- from "Hatari!"

♠ 9.
Orkest De Volharding - Misha Mengelberg: Dressoir (1991)
- from "Trajekten"

♠ 10.

Peter Blegvad & John Greaves - Like A Baby (1982)
- from "State of the Union"

♠ 11.

Dhol, Divali percussions at Haridwar (1998)
from "Ganga - Les Musiques du Gange"

♠ 12.
Kaffe Matthews - Skagerrak: The Air Hostess (1999)
- from "cd Cécile"

♠ 13.
Joe McPhee Po Music - Blues for New Chicago (1981)
- from "Topology"

♠ 14.
Jimmie Revard & His Oklahoma Playboys - Dirty Dog (1936)
- from "Doughboys, Playboys & Cowboys: The Golden Years of Western Swing"

♠ 15.
New Winds (Robert Dick, Ned Rothenberg, JD Parran) - St. Louis Thank You Notes (1989)
- from "Digging it Harder from Afar"

♠ 16

Sentiu Dukun - Tari Belian (Benuaq) - a ritual healing ceremony (1997-98)
- from "Bornéo: Musiques des Dayaks et des Punans"

total time: 75'27
Compiled by Lucky.



Godard said...

This makes me smile :)
and huge thanks for the fine fine music

stefan said...

2 years is a lot for a blog! I wish you a fantastic anniversary and wishthat you keep up the good work for many many years!!


Anonymous said...

2 years of juju delights - sure nuff a day to celebrate, bravo! i feel you give me a bit too much credit on YOUR anniversary - so i simply drink to your health! it was pastis what i ordered last year, wasn't it? i may have the same, please :)

salute, pal!

genemesis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
genemesis said...

Merci beaucoup pour ces deux années de découverte, mais il t'en reste encore seize pour atteindre ta majorité. A moins que tu ne comptes en années canines!
Merci encore

Anonymous said...

Was nice to listen to yesterday evening while reading a Harry Partch biography. A little too much saxophone in the balance, possibly, though Joe McPhee's Topology is a favorite.

bravo juju said...

Thanks to our friends for the comments and the support.

Godard: many lives have been saved by rock'n'roll and fine fine music in general - thanks for your attention and for the fine shares as well.

Genemesis & Stefan: Blog years should counted as canine years, actually: therefore, we can say JR should be around 14 right now. So now is the right time to start making some noise and rebelling against the establishment.

Continuo: Glad you liked the selection. There is probably a sax bias at Juju itself. Still I was surprised with some of Lucky's choices. We "know" the readers and their faces, we sometimes read their comments, but rarely do we know what really made a difference to our friends. This was also a way to get some detailed feedback from someone who knows most of the stuff posted here. I wonder what kind of music other readers would select, though.

Lucky: First of all, thanks again for the hard work. There was really nothing much to say here. By making this a tribute to you as well, perhaps we were putting things in the proper place: by honoring you we were honoring both the music blogger in general and the Bravo reader in particular. So thanks again for accepting the challenge, for being an ally since day one, and for the great music you have been sharing in the past 3.5 years.

Cheers to all and please remember to pay your taxes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bravo Juju. It's a fine selection. Cheers for the anniversary!

Anonymous said...

well done.
thanks juju.

Anonymous said...

while the fever of celebration still lasts - how about a selection from YOURSELF, bravojuju?!! i'd love to see what you choose, although i can imagine that this would be a rather difficult task - for this maybe you try once to forget the amount of downloads, comments, etc. and simply stick to your heart. ;)

cheez :D

Elemento Musical said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joseph said...

Happy 2 years. This is one of the finest blogs around, consistently interesting with a dintinct personality and refreshing choices. Along with the Psychic Hut, the Closet of Curiosities, Singer Saints, Mutant Sounds and a few others, Juju is first class. Thanks, and long live Juju...

genemesis said...

J'ai mis pas mal de chose sur mon blog, j'espère que ce n'est pas trop tard pour continuer à fêter cet anniversaire...
Pour rappel

Keep the gooood work!

joey abbah said...

happy anniversary!!! as my man muhammed ali says, "you're the greatest!!"

Anonymous said...

both you and Lucky are national treasures as far as I'm concerned

thanks for all the music you've sent our way

vaubu said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the music, JR, Congress should give you a medal.

Dromos said...


mississippi blind joe said...

wish you at least more 200 years of good music!

Jo/No said...

Thank you sincerly for these two wonderful years with so many inspirational posts! I hope for many more to come!

Check out my own humble site if you have the time:

Jo/No's Audio Delights

Anonymous said...

I'm not interested on it at all but the cover, the cover is great Juju!

Jay Bee Rodríguez - SOLO BLUES said...

Intereseante colección.
¡Y gran portada! I love it!

sudzy said...

Thakn' you feryer electrial music a lot!
A blog IS a long time and here's hopin' we all last a long time longer.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I have to hear exactly what Mattie has to say about that!?

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Zer0_II said...

Bravo Juju:

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Anonymous said...

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Oh well, it looks like this is a dead blog anyway...

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