Sunday, 21 October, 2007

Sun Ra Arkestra - Friendly Galaxy (2000)

Recorded live at Banlieus Blues Festival, April 1991. Duration 76'43.

A very "jazzy" performance of uninterrupted Sun Ra's standards diluted with "Prelude to a kiss" by Duke Ellington and "Blue Lou". An excursion into the history of jazz encouraged by an ecstatic crowd.

1. Intro Percussion
2. Prelude To A Kiss
3. Blue Lou
4. Lights On A Satellite
5. Alabama
6. Fate In A Pleasant Mood
7. We Travel The Spaceways
8. Space Is The Place
9. Saturn Rings/Friendly Galaxy
10. Melody/They Will Come Back

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bravo juju-thanks so much for this to me.always on the lookout for more of Mr. Ra. Thanks again!

John V.

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looks interesting... i'm looking forward to hearing it.

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thanks again to luso-brasileiro

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