Wednesday, 17 October, 2007

Tom Recchion - Chaotica (1996)

This album, recorded in 85-86, played with tape loops, prerecorded records and cassettes, and keyboards, is really interesting. The first piece is completely abstract, while songs like "Flying Weather" use instrumental samples, looped, that come from much larger songs. This is all really well done, especially since they are all live improvisations, and were not edited after they were created. He gives special thanks to Esquivel, and there are definitely some influences running amok around this music. Pieces like "Space Ship" and many others sound like many tape collagists (such as People Like Us and The Bran Flakes), because they use what sounds like odd little scraps from old records, except there are no vocal samples, and it's slower and experimental. Lots of this stuff is very inspired, like the sad, powerful, Godspeed-esque "Enormos Horses," "The Perpetual Motion Clock," which like a labyrinth of music, and "Chaotica," the squiggly, crashy mixture of sounds that closes it off. Mix elements of People Like Us, Rainer Buerk, Esquivel, Matthew Ostrowski, some maraschino cherries, and possibly Philip Glass… this is what you get.

1. Doomed Ships
2. Flying Weather
3. Free Of Ice
4. Ships At Sea
5. Final Fattening
6. Last Breath
7. Is It A Baldwin
8. Drinking Doctor
9. Mindless Dread
10. Space Ship
11. Floating
12. Complex Shape In The Sky
13. Body Of Fish
14. Enormous Horses
15. Worlds That Fly Round And Round The Sun
16. Perpetual Motion Clock
17. Musaphonic
18. Cara Mia
19. Out Of The Dunes
20. Smaller Pulse
21. Chaotica

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bravo juju said...

sorry but we will provide a cover as soon as possible

Anonymous said...

oh yes, it is already here - the cover, i mean! ;)

i've heard some rumours about recchion's 'esquivel-stuff', which he didn't made later. i just heard one of those later works, and it didn't move me! being a fan of esquivel AND folks like philip jeck, john wall and the like, i'm curious how this will sound (dl it already, but found no muse to listen to it yet...).

thanks for sharing, bravo juju!!

p.s.: to find bob dylan with bailey + ruins on one blog (and even one site of a blog) sure is neat!!! (not that i'm a fan of dylan, but anyway...)

bravo juju said...

This Recchion record is, in the Ewings' opinion, a classic. And a very psychedelic one, for that matter. Esquivel, yes; Tipsy, sure; Wall, perhaps; but also something else. A unique record.

bravo juju said...

Fresh link provided. Use it while it lasts!

Anonymous said...

merci beaucoup for this & for the others

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