Thursday, 24 April, 2008

Pago Libre - Pago Libre (1996)

"Pago Libre is one of the finest bands in the biz. This is a reissue of their original 1995 recording for the Germany-based "Bellaphon" label. Essentially, little or nothing is out of this band’s overall scope of capabilities. They commence the festivities with a toe-tapping groove, via bassist Daniele Patumi’s expressive walking bass lines during the opener “Rochade.” Moreover, the quartet systematically integrates subtle variations of the primary theme in concert with unassuming accents and contrasting tonal characteristics.

French hornist Arkady Shilkloper and violinist Tscho Theissing weave chamber-like passages with heated modern jazz flurries throughout. When the soloists, including pianist John Wolf Brennan coalesce - they often present a scenario that might propose notions of a larger unit at work. They explore contrapuntal statements amid symphonic overtures and luminous melodies. But are equally adept at rendering free-form modern jazz type improvisations to coincide with intermittent shifts in strategy. Nonetheless, the artists meld abstract colorizations atop symmetrically devised rhythmic structures. The ensemble also incorporates ethereal treatments and unorthodox voicings into the grand scheme of things. Among the very best reissues of 2002! Ardently recommended."
Glenn Astarita,

Tscho Theissing - violin
Arkady Shilkloper - french horn
John Wolf Brennan - piano, melodica
Daniele Patumi - double bass

1. Rochade
2. Tupti-Kulai
3. Interludi
4. Suite "Stream of Consciousness". Part 1: Source
5. Als die Spatlese noch vor sich hungarte
6. Suite/Part II: Roots
7. Wake up Call
8. JPS (& Carla)
9. Suite/ Part III: African Flower
10. Waltz in 4/4
11. Seconds
12. Suite/Part IV: Gift

Originally released in 1996 by Bellophon.
Re-released in 2002 by Leo Records.



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Great stuff. Very original and difficult to label. Marci Mr. Juju and joyeux noel!

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