Saturday, 12 April, 2008

Ryoji Ikeda - 0ºC (1998)

"Ryoji Ikeda's 2nd CD for Touch, his 3rd solo CD, follows the classic +/- and a year's world tour with performance artists Dumb Type. OºC is an exploration at the edge of one's perception - an extension of +/- and the next step. C adds a velocity axis and a density axis to factors, Oº amalgamated numbers, structures, frequencies and sounds". Touch Press Release

"The Japanese Composer Ryoji Ikeda uses the humblest scraps of electronic communication to cobble together his music: a tiny, narrow pop, like a single particle of radio static; a fax-connection screech; a bell-tone as soft as a feather against the eardrum; a drum-machine beat slammed up to super-speed, making a short, single block of noises, and a CD player skimming across a selection, catching glimpses of a song. It's not ambient music; there are no long, enveloping tones. And its not dance music, because some selections have as much as five seconds of silence between each sound. But there's always a building narrative to these pieces. They get longer as the disk goes on, and the listener grows increasingly comfortable with Mr. Ikeda's strategies: but by bit, the composer reveals his logic. And in his own oblique way, he's dramatic". NY Times

C (1997-8)
1. C1:: check
2. C2:: cacoepy
3. C3:: circuit
4. C4:: contexture
5. C5:: cuts
6. C6:: counterpoint
7. C7:: continuum
8. C8:: can(n)on
9. C9:: cadenza
10. C0:: coda (for T.F.)

0º (1998)
11. 0º :: zero degrees [1]
12. 0º :: zero degrees [2]
13. 0º :: zero degrees [3]

Produced by Ryoji Ikeda.
Recorded & Mixed at CCI Studio, Tokyo 1997-8.
Released by Touch in 1998.



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