Wednesday, 5 November, 2008

Alan Splet & David Lynch - Eraserhead (1982)

"An astonishing, peerless masterpiece, the soundtrack to David Lynch's debut labor of love creates a world of haunting mechanics and sexual distress in such a bizarre layer of sonic fog that any record collection is simply poorer without it. The enormity of the aural experimentation is extraordinary. With renowned sound designer Alan Splet, Lynch developed any technique he could conjure up -- from recording with pieces of glass tubing, pneumatic engines, or water-based pieces of machinery -- to produce sounds never heard before (or since) in any medium. Pieces of Fats Waller filter in through the unsettling haze. The sounds of the unimaginably horrific baby are nothing less than ghastly. Few directors could have realized such a potent vision only a first time out. Disturbing, haunting, and -- decades later -- still one of the most compelling sonic creations in the history of film." AMG

Digah's Stomp [Fats Waller]
Lenox Avenue Blues [Fats Waller]
Stompin' The Bug [Phil Worde, Mercedes Gilbert]
Messin' Around With The Blues [Phil Worde]
Pipe Organ - Fats Waller

In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song) [Phil Ivers, David Lynch]

Excerpts in #1 performed by Thomas "Fats" Waller in 1927.
"Dedicated to the man in the planet's sister".

Recorded in 1976.
Released in 1982 by I.R.S.

CD re-release in 1989.



Anonymous said...

i know this movie for years, but only when i went to the cinema to watch it (1 year ago) i could understand what an amazing piece this soundtrack is.


Anonymous said...

hi, juju!

tried to drop you a quick hello for some days now, but it seems like my old pc don't like your picture gadget on the sidebar - your blog takes ages to load, it tries to plug-in me, and until now it always freezed to death.

well - obama is in the house, maybe that explains why i got through! ;)

cheers, lucky

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Anonymous said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Amazing that this was recorded 1976. A reference album in industrial music ca 1977 that should be mentionned more often.
Though I still consider industrial music to have started in the 18th. century. But this might be a personal point of view.

bravo juju said...

Stefan Godemiché: Glad you liked this. With a name like that, you're bound to enjoy the record.

LN: You're Welcome

Continuo: I didn't know this was recorded in 1976. Certainly the Industrial Revolution did not wait till '77 to encompass the production and absorption of sound, so I'd agree with your point.

Lucky: Nice to hear from you, after such a long time. I suspected that you wouldn't resist the blogging call for long. Linked you here, of course. I reduced the number of posts per page; please tell me if that makes Juju any faster.

Cheers to all, and please pay your taxes.

Anonymous said...

bravo, sorry to say, but for me it's as slow as before. i suspect it's not caused by the amount of posts (or the huge lists of back posts), but it's certainly the slideshow. maybe s'things wrong with my javascript? is it possible? well, never mind - and merci beaucoup for the link back to my anesthetic blog. ;)

SAM said...

Incredible record. Who would have guessed that David Lynch could make music like this? Great share and fantastic blog, I will definitely come here more often. Salut

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i know this movie for years, but only when i went to the cinema to watch it

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