Friday, 28 November, 2008

Django Reinhardt - Djangology (1961)

Born in Belgium in 1910 in a gypsy family, Django Reinhardt is said to be one of the most unique and influential guitar players of all times. In 1934, after his exuberant techniques became notorious in Belgium and France, he and legendary violonist Stephane Grappelly formed the Quintet of the Hot Club of France. The group stayed together until 1939. Django then moved to London and toured the US in the 1940s with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, playing electric guitar. This turned out to be a highly influential tour, and it is usually said that no other European artist has had such an enormous impact in the New World.
The material in this LP was recorded in 1949 in Rome, just four years before his death. The recordings remained unpublished till they were rediscovered in the late 50s by a RCA Victor executive. Reuniting Django and Grappelly, the selections are a characteristically varied assortment. The standards are well-chosen: Charles Trenet's "Beyond the Sea"; Fats Waller's exuberant "Honeysuckle Rose", and the perennials "After you've Gone", "Lover Man", and "I Saw Stars". Several of the originals were written by Django and Grappely. "Minor Swing" was devised a few minutes before a 1937 recording session, later becoming a staple at the French Hot Club. "Bricktop" was also written in 1937; "Heavy Artillery", composed in 1944, was one of Dajngo's favorite tunes; "Djangology", composed in 1935, was his first composition. Compelling versions of Trenet's "Menilmontant" and "Où es-tu, mon Amour" ("Where are you, my Love?) are bonus track in this set, a striking and provocative survey of the playing of a mature, moving musician.

1. I Saw Stars
2. After you've Gone
3. Heavy Artillery (Artillerie Lourde)
4. Beyond the Sea (La Mer)
5. Minor Swing
6. Menilmontant
7. Bricktop
8. Swing Guitars
9. All the Things you Are
10. Daphne
11. It's only a Paper Moon
12. Improvisation on Tchaikovsky's Pathétique (Andante)
13. The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
14. Djangology
15. Où es-tu, mon Amour? (Where are you, my Love?)
16. Marie
17. I Surrender, Dear
18. Hallelujah
19. Swing 42
20. I'll Never be the Same
21. Honeysuckle Rose
22. Lover Man (Oh, Where can you Be?)
23. I Got Rhythm

Django Reinhardt - guitar
Stephane Grappelly - violin
Gianni Safred - piano
Carlo Pecori - bass
Aurelio de Carolis - drums

Recorded in Rome, 1949.
Released by RCA Victor in 1961. CD Re-release in 2002.

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whew - i've never seen this happen with a single post before! do you, juju?? i've seen entire blogs being closed (at wordpress faster than at blogger), but this here...? did you get any message about why and all? or did the post just disappear?

anyway - i do enjoy the music nevertheless!! ;)

bravo juju said...

Django rules!

This had actually happened before, with Rick Roderick's lectures on Nietzsche...

We had received an e-mail on saturday, and by sunday the post was gone. It seems not to matter whether the blog administrator removes the link or not: they simply delete the entire post.

We decided to remake the entire post, mostly to document such "no share" incidents and, well, share them with our friends.
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Anonymous said...

juju - hope this shit doesn't bring your mood you down!! any request at rs results with link-killing, no proof required. google/blogger isn't different.

you'll never know if it was a 'legit' complaint, a stoopid jealous blogger, or another fuckhead.

shit on it, and be

lucky! ;)

bravo juju said...

Of course it won't bring my mood down! Of course, JR's hats turn green everytime such things happen (and they've been happening quite a lot), but the Ewings' blood is too hot and red for such incidents to weaken our resolve.

I doubt it was a "stoooopid jealous blogger" (jealous of what?) or any given fuckhead, since the original upload had been deleted from rs. The new link is available elsewhere.

The funny thing is that the complaint about Nietzsche, which was supposed to become public in that particular site, is still to be published. It is unlikely, therefore, that the Django complaint will be known, ever.

I shit on it, for sure.


Capt EviL 1 said...

Grr, I pressed "preview" not "publish"...oh well. It was just a link to a "stop internet censorship" image. The IFPI sucks! You have a great blog, thanks!

Anonymous said...

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