Friday, 28 November, 2008

Sam Rosenthal - Before the Buildings Fell (2000)

Before the Buildings Fell was recorded at various points of depression, as a catharsis. While the songs with lyrics became The Rope ( Black Tape for a Blue Girl ), these arpeggiator - driven songs were put aside. Upon reexamination, the emotions were still valid. The songs returned. Kathryn is for Ms. Pilkenton; Jane for Ms. Berube; and The Amber Girl was written so that I might forget Robin, but no such Luck.
This was recorded in my California dorm room on a 4 - track cassete porta - studio using a Korg Poly - 61 ( with Arpeggiator but no Midi ) and a Boss DSD - 2 foot pedal delay.


Black Tape for a Blue Girl's founder Sam Rosenthal had his musical beginnings in electronic music before there were genre names like "electronica." Back in 1986 (without sequencers, samplers, or MIDI for stringing together computers and keyboards) Rosenthal was experimenting with the creation of instrumental music synchronously warm and ominous. Playing with the shape of sounds in a totally "hands-on" manner, Rosenthal pioneered a style close to the post-prog work of Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno. From this point he evolved to Dark Wave - Gothic soudscapes. P. Ewing

1 - kathryn
2 - diversion
3 - resolution
4 - the room
5 - jane
6 - leading to the edge
7 - before the buildings fell
8 - fragments of benediction
9 - the amber girl (Includes a bonus fifteen minute CD-ROM track of Sam's video art, for the track Fragments of Benediction)

Sam Rosenthal - Electronics
Lara Radford - Violin / Industry 8 & voice 6, 8
Cauleen Smith - Cello 4
Anne Sunstrom - Sax / Industry 1, 6
Cover Model: Kathy Rohrbach, from video by Sam

Recorded in 1986 on a 4-track cassette porta-studio.
Released in 2000 by Projekt.



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