Monday, 13 April, 2009

Dragon Blue - Hades Park (1998)

"An abrasive assault. To say that this is a rock band would not be totally unfair. But you'd have to mention the muscular vocal lead by Tenko. And the fat, sometimes suffocating basslines by Kato Hideki. And the nervous drum chops by Sotoyama. And the free jazz guitar attacks of Imahori. And the colorful noise bursts from Otomo's hectic turntable. Maybe this is not rock music at all, then. Think of Ground Zero or Novo Tono, perhaps. But think of a a less explosive outfit, a heavier, slower and more oppressive avatar. Maybe that's how close one can get to this apocalyptic event". Ken Kercheval

1. Hades Park
2. In Convolution
3. Out Of Order
4. Hitqa Hita
5. Stagger
6. Tada Soko-Ni Ari
7. Metabolic Love Sphere
8. Stay Child
9. Boundary
10. Fragments Realm

Kato Hideki - bass
Akira Sotoyama - drums
Tenko - vocals
Tsuneo Imahori- guitar
Otomo Yoshihide - turntables

Released in 1998 by Avant.



zagoister said...

Dear Bravu;

danke fur this post!!
Didn't hear it yet, and the line up smells like good stuffff, but if it is as good as the picture (I watched carefully and it looks like Jimbo morrison from the Doors), it should be hell on earth!!!

many thanks, fantastic stuff in Juju devoccione!

Anonymous said...

The more Otomo Yoshihide you want to want the better!

Remorseful Prober said...

thanks much for this disc and many others- you've helped keep me in excellently strange music for months now.

I'd like to give something back- so here's a link to Dokaka's "Human Interface" album. He's a beatboxer who builds songs layer by layer, beats, guitar parts, and vox all using his overdubbed voice. weird but somehow accessible...

bravo juju said...

Zagoister: Jimbo is alive and well in Miami. I believe this may be tribute to him. hope you will enjoy the record as much as you have enjoyed the cover.

Anonymous: if need is all you love, you have come to right place. hope you enjoy this and other yoshihide titles here.

Remorseful Prober: many thanks for the gift. Never heard Dokaka's works before, but the description sounds interesting. Thanks s lot, and stay tuned.

Cheers to all

gidouille said...

I have this. Somehow, I've never warmed to it. I think it's the production. Maybe, I should pull it out and give it another chance. The live Dragon Blue with this same lineup, except Yoshida instead of Sotoyama, served as something of a survey of Tenko's music, including material from Slope, Mt. Brocken, Death Praxis and even a couple Mizutama Shobodan songs, and was overall more satisfying, I think.

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