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The Residents - Meet The Residents (1988)

"First issue of 'The Residents Classic Vinyl Series'. The original 1973 debut album by The Residents. The album comes in high quality gatefold cover and on 180gr heavy vinyl. The first unusual thing about Meet The Residents -- even before you get the record on the turntable -- is that you never meet the Residents: The artists haven't signed their names to their debut album. There are no faces either, only a nutty distortion of the Beatles. Which isn't as evasive as you might think, because Meet The Residents takes the vocal and instrumental innovations of the Beatles -- and Captain Beefheart -- and rockets them out into deep space. Listening to the White Album or Trout Mask Replica, you're never sure what you're going to hear from one cut to the next; with Meet The Residents, you can't predict what you'll be hearing from one moment to the next. Forget about predictions -- you can't always be sure what it is you're actually hearing. A lot of this music is utterly inexplicable, as in 'How are they making that sound?' You can't even grasp the 'well-it's-a-synthesizer' straw inexplicable, as in 'How are they making that sound?'. You can't even grasp the 'well-it's-asynthesizer' straw, because this low-budget, 1973 recording was plainly done by hand: It's basically voices, piano, and winds; some guitar, bass, drums; occasionally, brass and violin; and lotsa percussion (undoubtedly including all sorts of household items and toys and debris and who knows what else). There are some distortion effects through mic and instrumental preparations, but it's the Residents' use of tape, the tracks they've razored and overdubbed and remixed and respeeded, which makes their sound so uniquely bizarro. And all these bizarrely unique tracks are served up dripping with a deliberate eccentricity and a playfully grotesque sense of humor. Listening to this music, you can feel the Residents staring straight out at you, their teeth bared in the kind of fixed grin that's ordinarily symptomatic of clinical dementia." ~in ReR_usa


Track list:

1. "Boots" – 1:39 (Lee Hazlewood)
2. "Numb Erone" – 1:06
3. "Guylum Bardot" – 1:20
4. "Breath and Length" – 1:45
5. "Consuelo's Departure" – 1:45
6. "Smelly Tongues" – 1:47
7. "Rest Aria" – 5:07
8. "Skratz" – 1:44
9. "Spotted Pinto Bean" – 6:36
10. "Infant Tango" – 5:58
11. "Seasoned Greetings" – 5:07
12. "N-er-gee (Crisis Blues)" – 9:42

* Bonus Tracks (Santa Dog, 1972)

13. "Fire" - 1:45
14. "Lightning" - 2:19
15. "Explosion" - 3:20
16. "Aircraft Damage" - 3:54


Meet The Residents was recorded between 1972 _ 1973 and originally released in 1974 on Ralph Records. This record was reissued on CD in 1988 by The Cryptic Corp./Torso.



oscar said...

nice to meet them, thanks.

Anonymous said...

bravo does the classix!musically one of the most insane and wonderful of the official releases, the unoffial earlier lps' "warner bros. album" and "baby sex" are more insane, but less musical. and the 1972 "santa dog" single as bonus is more than one can hope for!

yotte said...

I can't tell you how long I've wondered about this album... too long. THANKS!

C said...


Anonymous said...

This is another great share. Please note that this edition's extra tracks were released in 72 under the title "Santa Dog" which has been reissued several times since then. (And thanks for that Goebbels as wwell)

· said...

THANKS A LOT! (specially for the good bitrate)

Muchas gracias por el buen bitrate


bravo juju said...

Glad you liked this.
Made a small correction and added the Santa Dog info to the post, courtesy of Mr. Lucky & Mr. Anonymous.

Please pay your taxes.

mario said...

Hi. I'm not a such big fan of the Residents and most of their work sounds a bit repetitive to me but this is one is fantastic lunatic extremely creative record. completely unclassifiable, so many ideas floating around and no genre to pin it down. really fantastic.
so thank you

Anonymous said...

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This is another great share. Please note that this edition's extra tracks were released in 72 under the title "Santa Dog"

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