Friday, 17 April, 2009

V/A - Voices of Forgotten Worlds : Traditional Music of Indigenous People (1996)

"Another amazing double CD compilation published by Ellipsis Arts, of world wide ethnic and religious music, this time centered on the voice, on singing traditional songs. One can hear on this excellent recording sounds springing all across from South America to Japan, passing through Northern Europe, Africa (Northern and Sub-Saharan), Australia and Asia.
The small book that comes with the CD portrays an interesting initiation to the documented music on this great compilation." ~ Ludwig Vanessa

"Excellent samples of various groups and locations all over the world. The range is from Tuvan throat singers, Inuit songs, the Australian Aborigne digeridoo, three Native American pieces among others, but there is something from every geographical area and musical style. If you are interested in a wide variety of groups or would like to hear samples of various groups, this CD set is usefula as it gives a taste and an introduction to different ethnic group music styles. The accompanying booklet is a very useful resource in learning more about the music, the culture and in some cases, the performers of these pieces.
The book that accompanies the CD is superbly produced with high quality color pictures, notes about the artists, descriptions of the culture, and remarks about the recording process for each track. As a one-purchase introduction to the music of indigenous peoples, it can't be beat. But be careful for after reading about and listening to this music, you may find yourself wanting to purchase lots more music you only get to sample here." ~ amazon customers review

Track list:

1-01 Tuva Folk Ensemble Tuvans (5:04)
1-02 Nakamoto Matsuko Ainu (1:41)
1-03 Nakamoto Matsuko Ainu (0:46)
1-04 Las Golondrinas Viajeras Garifuna (4:36)
1-05 Kantus Ensemble From Bautista Saavedra Province* Quechuan (3:22)
1-06 Ole Larsen Gaino Máhte Lemet Elle (1:29)
1-07 Elen Inga Eira Sara Migal Elle Gáren (1:19)
1-08 Bunun People Of Taiwan* Bisitaita (2:40)
1-09 Kanak People Of New Caledonia* Danse De Toka Nod (4:20)
1-10 Australian Aborigines Dalubun (2:06)
1-11 Musa Jan And Zahir Jan Pashtu Ghazal (4:20)
1-12 Jyãpu Musicians Of Guita Tol Mãrsi Mãlãsri (2:06)
1-13 Inuit From Siorapaluk* Imîna Imîna (4:44)
1-14 Inuit From Siorapaluk* Navssâpaluk Sadorona (4:27)
1-15 Maya Singers* Son Sventa N'Ahual San Lorenzo (Song For Our Lord San Lorenzo) (3:24)
1-16 Ashiq Hasan Trio Koroghlu (Azerbaijani) (0:31)
1-17 Maori People Of New Zealand* He Toa Takitini / Ka Tohia Atu Koe / Ki Okoiki (2:26)
1-18 Rashaida Rashaida Dance (4:57)
1-19 Monks Of Gyütö Tantris College* Gyütö Tantra (3:58)
1-20 Tashi Palkit And Isewang Namgyal Kidar Ghungsgot Thonpo (The High Sky) (4:33)

2-01 Honiata Musicians Of Guadalcanal Island Mbumbusa (Warrior's Cry) (1:25)
2-02 Villagers From Panueli Vinango (Voyage By Canoe) (3:45)
2-03 Ba-Benjellé Pygmies* Elengi Ceremony (Excerpt) (3:52)
2-04 Raman Sawut And Osman Oskur Nazirkhom (3:20)
2-05 Central Mekragnoti Of Brazil No'ôk-'ãmõr (Learning The Songs Of The Corn) (4:49)
2-06 Tolai Musicians* Akuka (Tubuan Dance) (3:52)
2-07 Gamelan Salunding Of Tenganan Gending Sekar Gadung (Excerpt) (4:14)
2-08 Turkmen Untitled (Turkmen Folk Song) (2:43)
2-09 Gondang Sabangunan Ensemble Batara Guru (5:40)
2-10 Wodaabe Of Dakoro* Lelore (4:40)
2-11 Bad Canyon Wellpinit Singers Stick Game Song (3:28)
2-12 Edward Lee Natay Navajo Squaw Dance (3:07)
2-13 Northern Cree Singers Of Saskatchewan* Squaw Dance Song (2:15)
2-14 Hukwe Ubi Zawose* Sote Tulifurahia Kama Siku Ya Arusi (Lyrics To Right) (6:07)

Originally published by Ellipsis Arts in 1993, reissued in 1996 as a book-cd set

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