Thursday, 8 November, 2007

Bravo Clippings #17

Chris Ware, ACME Novelty Library #1, Winter 1993-94 


J-Bombay said...

Hey Bravo Juju,

Nice to see some old Chris Ware stuff here! I really like his ACME stuff, the Jimmy Corrigan book and some of his other earlier collections. Unfortunately, I find his latest stuff to be such a drag--so tedious, depressing and introverted. I guess that is probably by design, but unfortunately for me I just can't get into it.

On a seperate note, do you like Charles Burns? I have to highly recommend his newer collection "Black Hole." Very morbid and interesting, and my wife got into it as well!

Thanks for posting the cool artsy stuff here, its one of the main reasons that I really like your blog!


bravo juju said...

Yes, I agree. Chris Ware has lost some of his charm and his later works are a bit tedious. Early Jimmy/Acme is some of the best comics ever produced, I believe.
I don't know Charles Burns but I'll search for it.
Thanks for the tip and for the attention.

bravo juju said...
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Nuage fiché qui rêve said...

Once I started to create a paper robot. It was a good looking piece of paper, with a wide chest and large shoulders, very much influenced by the comics. I never finished it, no inspiration for the arms and legs. It stayed on a shelf for some years.
Hi J-B. Haven't read much of Charles Burns, but I recall some spine chilling covers he made, notably for comics like Death Rattle (the 80s DR) or Twisted Tales, stuff like that. Impressive style.

This toy model looks gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Should I destroy my Ware books to make these toys?

Anonymous said...

Of course

Anonymous said...


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