Wednesday, 14 November, 2007

Phil Ranelin - The Time is Now (1974)

A lost classic from the legendary Tribe Records label of Detroit -- home to some of the most groundbreaking soul jazz of the early 70s! This set is one of the more "out" sessions on the legendary Tribe label from Detroit -- and one that features many of the label's great players, like Wendell Harrison, Marcus Belgrave, Charles Moore, and Ranelin himself. The tracks are long and progressive, with distinct political overtones that work well with the avant playing of the set. Titles include "Black Destiny", "Time Is Running Out", "He The One We All Knew", and "The Time Is Now For A Change". Plus, this reissue also features 3 previously unissued bonus tracks -- "He The One We All Knew (extended)", "Time Is Running Out (extended)", and "The Time Now Is For Change (outtake)".

Phil Ranelin: trombone, percussion
Haroun El Nil: alto saxophone, bass clarinet, percussion
Wendell Harrison: tenor saxophone, percussion
Marcus Belgrave: trumpet, flugelhorn
Charles Moore: trumpet, percussion
Keith Vreeland: piano
John Dana: bass
Reggie Shoo Be Doo Fields: bass
George Davidson: drums, percussion


kingpossum said...

Bless U Bravo Juju! Terrific explorations here, from a player not usually mentioned among the usual suspects of out jazz, and that's regrettable because there's a lot of interesting stuff happening here.


Anonymous said...

nice share!

Anonymous said...

Very good!

The Axeman said...

Just read a great interview with him. Thanks for the share.

taro nombei said...

an excellent and eclectic body of sounds you've posted here - my hat is doffed.
And i'm gladly scooping up this album.
Tribe music is vital --- much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great share. Any more Ranelin will be much appreciated,

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