Tuesday, 25 December, 2007

Ibn Báya Ensemble - Música Andalusí (1995)

"The musical heritage of Al-Andalus, the hispano-muslim Spain that flourished for more than seven centuries, was mutilated when the hispano-arabs were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula. In Christian Spain this heritage was diluted in popular musical traditions, in language, and in the oriental thematics of los romances and other forms of erudite music. In North Africa it took shelter in oral traditions, in what is today known as the Andalusí-Magrebí.

The Ibn Báya Ensemble, formed by Moroccan and Spanish musicians, wishes to create a meeting between these two Al-Andalus heritages that for centuries have been separated and ignored. Two cultures that today wish to unite through the Mediterranean Sea, hoping to reach the "essence" of these traditions in the quest for a novel way of interpreting this monumental musical heritage, and drawing inspiration from the ancient masters (avoiding the Oriental style).

The name of Ibn Báya refers to the musician and philosopher Avempace (Zaragoza 1070 - Fez 1138), who lived both in the Andalus and the Morocco of the 11th and 12th centuries".

Omar Metioui: Egyptian Lute, Andalusian Lute, Alto Viola, Tar, Chant
Eduardo Panagua: Medieval Flutes
Luis Delgado: Andalusian Lute
Gloria Lergo: Chant
Mohamed el Arabi Serghini: Solo Chant, Alto Viola, Darbuka



Anonymous said...

Oh my, this is brilliant! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...


This album is supposed to be great and I thank you for making it available, but unfortunately it is missing two tracks. Could you upload it again ?


Anonymous said...

This is some really great stuff, wonderful genuine playing. Thanks a lot!

Ana Rita Moreira said...

1st and 3rd Anonymous:
Glad you enjoyed this and do come again.

2nd Anonymous:
Maybe something went wrong when you were extracting the file. The file contains all 7 tracks. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

All fascinating stuff. Just found you thanks to Fuzzy. Will call again. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Gracias. Fantastic post!

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