Friday, 7 December, 2007

Ryoji Ikeda - 1000 Fragments (1995)

"1000 fragments is a compilation recording released by CCI recordings of several pieces revealing Ikeda's unique sound work produced between 1985-1995. Over a decade of Ryoji Ikeda's artistic work is portrayed on this marvelous CD. For who only knows Ikeda's work from his classical frequencies album +/- (or ), will be surprised and astonished with this album. In the first half [Channel X - 85 to 95] one hears 7 small sound pieces that resemble small electroacoustic radio pieces, where Ikeda's sense of humor [right on the second track one hears a voice saying: "It's the most beautiful ugly sound in the world" and talent for acousmatic composition and sound manipulation is quite evident. Although one can grasp Ikeda's compositional brand on this small pieces [the interspersed chirurgic combination of low and hi frequencies, many times arranged in hypnotic and dense frequencies drone scenarios] here his goal is achieved by creating many different soundscapes and tainted sound-situations that create a delightful hearing experience for the sonic listener.

The second part, named 5 zones [94-95], is an half hour deep sound journey through a musical path of a minimal and progressive electronic sound composition, Ikeda's keen ear for sharp rhythms and "sound-plot abstractions" reveals a very interesting mix of psychoacoustic scenarios and ambiences full of synthesized sounds and field recordings.

Luxus [93] is the last piece and finishes this compilation CD in a royal fashionable way! It's a 16 min. amazing kind of walk into Light itself; it starts of with a sample of an intriguing (whimsical) sparse highly reverberating voice (from a choir ?) and then a synth major accord appears in a glissando and drony kind of way, developing a crescendo over time in intensity (attack & envelope) and entering in a extraordinary mix with the vocals and what seems to be violin or cello strings (synthesized?), the composition reaches its zenith into pure interior bliss resulting in a delightful hearing pleasure, passing on to the listener a deep relaxed state of mind as the composition fades away into silence on the last minutes...
After hearing "1000 Fragments" one understands why Ryoji Ikeda is one of the most impressive experimental electronic music composers."

review by L. Vanessa.

Channel X (1985-1995)

01 testone 0:06
02 trans-missions 1:36
03 this is a recording 0:50
04 radiorange 0:28
05 what's wrong? 0:58
06 holy wood 0:35
07 into the tranquility 3:04
08 all has been changed 0:37
09 abstructures 2:54

5 zones (1994-95)

10 zone 1 7:47
11 zone 2 4:51
12 zone 3 2:56
13 zone 4 6:50
14 zone 5 8:45

Luxus (1993)

15 luxus 1-3 16:18

Total 58:21

[note: this cd is originally mixed in a continuous play mode, T.A.O. (track at once) recording mode is advised with 0 seconds between the tracks]


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