Wednesday, 19 December, 2007

Tetsu Inoue - Psycho-Acoustic (1998)

"Perhaps the most interesting electronic music since the classic period of Stockhausen and Xenakis. Tetsu Inoue is a composer and sound artist who has worked in a variety of musics - ambient, sound installation, dance music, techno and is a frequent collaborator of Bill Laswell and Haruomi Hosono. This CD features some of the most intricate and fascinating computer generated compositions you've ever heard. Literally thousands of hours went into the creation of these miniature masterpieces charting a world of sound as yet explored. Also included is a powerful duet with brilliant electronic percussionist Ikue Mori." tzadik's website.

1. Q Tip
2. Tonic Bit
3. Dot Hack
4. Psycho Plastic
5. Modu Lotion
6. Rebeat Reduction
7. All Natural
8. Plug
9. Tom & Tone



Anonymous said...

I wonder how many records have been put out with this title.. I have some 3 or 4, at least...

bravo juju said...


Several records have this title for sure; the term is in fact, as you probably know, an area of study that comprehends sound (frequencies) and the complexities of human perception of it...
Anyway this is a great work of electronic music.

We hope you enjoyed it!!

Best Regards;

AMP said...

this looks very interesting. thanks for sharing it up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude, I heard this some years ago and was mindblown by it. Great blog also

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