Friday, 7 December, 2007

Sakis Papadimitriou - Piano Oracles (1985-87)

"Mythology defines oracle as a ritualistic procedure that gives shape to unknown fears, joys, facts, knowledge... Oracle is a transformation of archetypal dreams into real life facts, of chaotic words to meaningful messages.
Call it a trip or a journey, music is always an oracle that gives form and image to everyday dreams. As an oracle, music has different meanings for different people producing feasts of the mind that start from an unknown world and continue in clear legible forms.
From improvisation to composition and back again: a style that describes life in its purest form. Sakis Papadimitriou combines original pianistic visions in these recordings, creating images that evoke memories of the past and the future, of the ancient and modern world alike. Making an aural movie in which he is the director and main actor at once. Having absorbed almost every aspect that has to do with pianistics, Sakis feels free enough to travel through every little corner of this world called "the piano", transmogrifying sounds of the keyboard or the strings to World Vibrations. We are listening to koto, zither, lute or everything human imagination has learned and is ready to feel and to know through knowledge or fantasy. Giving a human face to these products of the imagination is very easy for everyone: could be Monk or Tsitsanis, Beckettt or Ellington, depending on the listener's self-produced images.

These recordings, made in Athens and at the Le Mans Europa Jazz festival, were formerly available on the original LP "Piano Oracles."
by: George Charonitis _ Jazz & Tzaz magazine [cd liner notes]

Prologue and Ten Piano Oracles 31'45'' (1985)

1. 0'40''
2. 2'59''
3. 2'17''
4. 2'41''
5. 1'45''
6. 2'10''
7. 2'09''
8. 4'25''
9. 3'20''
10. 4'26''
11. 4'22''

BETA Oracles:
Le Mans Piano 22'32'' (1987)



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