Wednesday, 22 August, 2007

Bernard Parmegiani - Pop'eclectic

Scandalous plunderphonia and expansive jazz experiments from the master of electroacoustics.

1. Du pop à l'ane (1969)
2. Pop'eclectic (1968)
3. Jazzex (1966)
4. Et après... (1973)


Track 3:
J.-L. Chautemps
Bernard Vitet
Gilbert Rovère
Charles Saudrais

Track 4:
Michel Portal

Tracks 1 and 2:
A host of pop and not so pop artists, including Messiaen, Zappa, Pink Floyd, Stravinsky, Doors, Who Else?

link @320


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sieteojos said...

por favor vuelvan a subir este disco!!!

Unknown said...

any chance of a re upload? love this guys work to death