Friday, 24 August, 2007

Cassiber/Ground Zero - Live in Tokyo (1997)

"This recording documents Cassiber's first and only visit to Tokyo, where they gave concerts on two consecutive evenings in October 1992. There were to be only two more appearances - both at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon that December - before the band, after ten years of continuous work, quietly ceased to exist. Just before they left for Japan they invited Shinoda Masami to join them for the concerts, a collaboration that was both rewarding and pleasurable. A little over a month later he suddenly died at the age of 34, leaving the promise that he and Cassiber had exchanged for a second collaboration never to be fulfilled.
The second CD is a collection of pieces by Otomo Yoshihide and Ground Zero, which takes the live recordings of Cassiber's live performance in Tokyo as source material and reworks them by way of sampling, remixing, addition, and re-performance. It is an expression of Otomo's respect and homage to Cassiber and to Shinoda Masami and, as the last recording under the name Ground Zero, marks the end of the group which has been the main project for the past seven years". Noda Shigenori and Chris Cutler.

Disc 1
Christoph Anders: vocals, guitar, samples.
Heiner Goebbels: vocals, guitar, violin, piano, samples.
Chris Cutler: drums, percussion.
Shinoda Masami: alto sax.

Disc 2
Otomo Yoshihide: turntables, rhythm box, guitar, hard disk, CD-J.
Masuko Tatsuki: DX7
Mizuhiro: mono-poly
Nagata Kazunao: ARP 2600
Haco: vocals
Yagi Michiyo: 21 string koto, teeth clack
Sachiko M: sampler
Uemura Masahiro: drums
Hirose Junji: tenor sax
Naruyoshi Kikuchi: tenor sax
Yasuhiro Otani: computer
Chino Syuichi: piano, organ.
Otani Yasuhiro: computerNasuno Mitsuru : bassYoshigaki Yasuhiro: drums.

Check comments for details

link @320 (here again)
link @320 (here again)

Check some other records by members of Cassiber here, there, elsewhere and in this location, courtesy of Lucky's Cut-Out and Spring's Spring Any Day Now.


bravo juju said...

Disc 1: Cassiber Live in Tokyo

1. A Screaming Comes across the Sky (2:15)
2. They Have Begun to Move (5:11)
3. They Go in under Archways (2:49)
4. Philosophy (0:54)
5. Gut (3:03)
6. Prisoner Chorus (3:38)
7. Todo Dia (3:12)
8. Come On! Start the Show! (3:10)
9. It's Never Quiet (2:49)
10. O Cure Me (3:32)
11. Our Colourful Culture (2:29)
12. Prometheus (5:01)
13. Remember (2:24)
14. I Was Old (5:14)
15. Orpheus Mirror (4:39)
16. I Tried to Reach You (2:42)

All music by Cassiber except track 5, by René Lussier, and track 8, by Christoph Anders
Words by Thomas Pynchon (1-3, 8), Chris Cutler (4, 9, 11-14, 16), Christoph Anders (5, 6, 15), and Johann Sebastian Bach (10)

Recorded at Shin-okubo R's Art Court, Tokyo, October 23, 1992
Sound improvements and mastering by Heiner Goebbels in Frankfurt, 1997
Produced by Heiner Goebbels

bravo juju said...

Disc 2: "Cassiber Live in Tokyo" Re-mixed by Ground-Zero

1. Across the Sky #1 (20:27)
2. O Cure @ Me (6:15)
3. Gutt (4:34)
4. Across the Sky #2 (4:25)
5. (a) Across the Sky #3; (b) At Last I Am Free; (c) Across the Stars (12:49)

Track 1:
Music by Cassiber, Masami Shinoda, Otomo Yoshihide, and Tatsuki Masuko
Otomo Yoshihide: turntables, CD-J, hard-disk recorder
Tatsuki Masuko: DX-7
Mizuhiro: Mono-Poly
Kazunao Nagata: ARP 2600

Track 2:
Music by Cassiber, Masami Shinoda, Hoahio (Haco, Michiyo Yagi, and Sachiko M), and Otomo Yoshihide
Words by Johann Sebastian Bach
Otomo Yoshihide: rhythm box, hard-disk recorder
Haco: voice
Michiyo Yagi: 21-string koto, teeth clack
Sachiko M: sampler
Masahiro Uemura: drums
Sampled guest
Yoshimitsu Ichiraku: electronic sounds

Track 3:
Music by Cassiber, Otomo Yoshihide, and Tatsuki Masuko
Words by Christoph Anders
Otomo Yoshihide: hard-disk recorder
Tatsuki Masuko: beats
Mizuhiro: Mono-Poly
Sachiko M: sampler
Masahiro Uemura: drums

Track 4:
Music by Cassiber, Otomo Yoshihide, and traditional
Otomo Yoshihide: turntables, hard-disk recorder
Shuichi Chino: piano

Track 5:
a: Music by Cassiber, Masami Shinoda, and Otomo Yoshihide
b: Music by Nile Rodgers, words by Bernard Edwards
c: Music by Ground-Zero
Otomo Yoshihide: CD-J, self-made guitar, hard-disk recorder
Junji Hirose: tenor sax
Naruyoshi Kikuchi: tenor sax (b, c)
Shuichi Chino: piano, combo organ
Sachiko M: sampler (a, c)
Yasuhiro Otani: computer (a, b)
Mitsuru Nasuno: bass (b, c)
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki: drums (b, c)

All music based on source materials from "Cassiber Live in Tokyo"
Sampled and re-mixed by Otomo Yoshihide and Ground-Zero at A-102 Studio, Tokyo, September-November 1997
Additional recordings by Yumi Kobayashi (1-3) and Yoshiaki Kondo (4, 5) at GOK Sound, Tokyo, October-November 1997
Pre-mixing by Yoshiaki Kondo (2-5) at GOK Sound, Tokyo, November 4, 1997
Mastered by Kazunao Nagata at Transonic Studio, November 9, 1997
Produced by Otomo Yoshihide

Anonymous said...

grazie mille juju! only know cassiber's early 80s stuff - this must be something very different, i suppose, especially with ground zero involved.

found this one @ sfrp - you saved the recrec-thread from getting deleted...

ciao, lucky (aka Nelly) ;)

Spring Day said...

Hm, I feel similar with Lucky. Only knew the early 80's stuff of Cassiber, and didn't even know that this recording here existed. Lucky says, it must be very different. But, well, at least the titles of pieces like "O Cure Me" and "Our Colourful Culture" (hahahahahaha!) sound familiar to us, right?
I just posted Sogenanntes Linksradikales Blasorchester, some early project Heiner Goebbels and Alfred Harth were involved in...

Anonymous said...

juju, no problem with backlinking - i would prefer if you link back to the harth post, instead of just posting the dl-link. i made the same with yours and spring day's recent offer.


bravo juju said...


Reisekader said...

thx for sharing. I have all the Cassiber CDs in my collection, but not this on. I saw them in early 80ties and their last CD was produced in Berlin 1989 where I was around these days.
Check the solo works of Heiner Goebbels - i.e. Wolokolamsker Chaussee - after text by Heiner Mueller. Great work!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this is down. Could someone re-up it if it is possible?

bravo juju said...

fresh links, enjoy

Anonymous said...

hi just found out about your blog searching for cassiber and i'm glad i did! Yet i try to dl the second part and it fails and fails again..any possibility for a new link (again)?
Anyway your blog seems great and full of discoveries

Anonymous said...

finally i just made so i guess it was a bad day for megaupload and me, thanx again

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Bravo et merci. Quel bel endroit :) _Thee_

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