Thursday, 9 August, 2007

Miles Davis - Live Avignon 1988

Most Miles fans don't fancy his 70s funk/rock approach to jazz; his 80s projects are even more looked upon. This concert, loaded with keyboards and fat basslines, should prove that they are wrong.

1. Tutu
2. Movie Star
3. Splatch
4. Time After Time
5. Wayne's Tune
6. Full Nelson

Miles Davis (tp)
Kenny Garrett (as-fl)
Foley McCreary (g)
Robert Irving III (kb)
Adam Holzman (kb)
Darryl Jones (dm)
Rudy Bird (perc)

link @320


bravo juju said...

Anonymous said...

cindy lauper, "time after time"!!!

Anonymous said...

you have "tutu" or "doo-bop"

bravo juju said...

Tutu coming soon.

Anonymous said...

I had no clue that Miles Davis could make music like this album. Hot stuff man! But the CIndy Lauper song is too much for me ;)

VIRGO said...

Hello!!! Thanks for this excellent blog and to rescue Miles Davis to new generations... Would be possible to fix link for this treasure "Live In Avignon"...

Thanks in advance


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