Sunday, 12 August, 2007

Lonnie Smith - Turning Point (1969)

Smooth organ-driven tunes for your cocktail occasions.

1. See Saw
2. Slow High
3. People Sure Act Funny
4. Eleanor Rigby
5. Turning Point

Lee Morgan: trumpet
Julian Priested: trombone
Bennie Maupin: tenor sax
Melvin Sparks: guitar
Lonnie Smith: organ
Leo Morris: drums

link@320 [re-up]


Joel said...

Thanks! But I officially hate flyupload now.

Anonymous said...

Great selections. Challenging musical posts. I really admire the scholarship and the variety of music you are posting. Fly Upload sucks though :).

Anonymous said...

flyupload where upload this pages has only promotion over promotion
where is the link there? can someone help?

bravo juju said...

Many people complain about Flyupload. I just tried to download it, and the link showed up immediately, on the bottom.
Guess in some countries it works differently.

Art Simon said...

Thanks! Very Cool!

beatnik said...

link is dead.

bravo juju said...

Thanks for the warning.
We'll a fresh link soon.

beatnik said...

Many thanks to you for the reupload. This "forgotten" albums are very hard to find, specially on dd.
(Seein' Dr. Lonnie Smith's look, think how's possible that so many great musicians could like this oriental style, when I like much more the Lonnie Smith, without "Dr."
Any case, great work).

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Joe Johnston said...

Thanks! But I officially hate flyupload now.