Thursday, 9 August, 2007

SPK - Leichenschrei (1982)

Early "Industrial" frenzy by one of the most creative bands of the "genre". Terribly dynamic and organic, this is certainly one of their most accomplished records.

1. Genetic Transmission
2. Post-Mortem
3. Desolation
4. Napalm (Terminal Patient)
5. Cry from the Sanatorium
6. Baby Blue Eyes
7. Israel
8. Internal Bleeding
9. Chamber Music
10. Despair
11. The Agony of the Plasma
12. Day of Pigs
13. Wars of Islam
14. Maladia Europa (the European Sickness)

Oblivion: synths, electronic rythms, tapes, vocals, shenai, syncussion, machinery, metal percussion
NE/H/L: synths, electronic rythms, tapes
Pinker: drums, syncussion, metal percussion

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bravo juju said...


Anonymous said...

Nice! Thank u 4 sharing.

Anonymous said...

SPK's fantastic! do you have any other?

Anonymous said...

hy! i've just grabbed this record from the link you provided, and let me say...YEAHHHH! sounds like an aproach to the possible rythms that some sort of bee could make tomorrow. keep on!

Anonymous said...

"Post-mortem" has one of my favourite lyrics

"..the manager of the corporation tried to give me syphilis by wiping his cock on my sandwich.."

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