Saturday, 25 August, 2007

Joe Morris Trio - Antennae (1997)

"Joe Morris plays the guitar unlike anyone else, ever, and has been doing so for the last two decades. It's actually easier to compare him to horn players like Jimmy Lyons and Eric Dolphy - next to whom he stands tall - if you like. Yeah. This is his fifth Trio record. The guitar-bass-drums trio format remains a favorite for Joe Morris, and the one that he has most amply documented in a highly diverse recorded oeuvre that stretches back to his first (self-released) album (also such a trio) in 1983... Most of my favorite bands for years were trios (I'll mention the Minutemen...). Three sides - all very, very live. Ease of entry into a totally unique sonic space. With such a group - Joe Morris as the principal lead - his singularly profound gifts as a player are full to the fore. The band - in top form and stunning throughout. And the songs - Joe Morris writes gorgeous tunes with a beckoning sense of mystery". -SJ

1. Synapse 8:17
2. Antennae 13:21
3. Silent Treatment 7:35
4. Stare Into A Lightbulb For Three Years 13:30
5. Human Pyramid 9:22
6. Elevator 15:09
7. Virtual Whatever 6:45

Joe Morris: guitar
Nate McBride: bass
Jerome Deupree: drums

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Anonymous said...

Hi, jardim!
Would you mind a mirror on RS for this wonderful post? We here in Europe really are in trouble with sendspace unless we get up at six and do a couple of downloads before breakfast…
With best - Kalli (fom SFRP)

bravo juju said...

Well, I'm in Europe and never had any trouble with sendspace. But you are not the first one to complain about sendspace...
We will provide a RS link in a couple of days.
Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi, bravojuju!
Just started the download of Antennae - with 50kbs max > about 55 min. Parallel download of Baraka (thanks for that one!) on RS - all the rest of my DSL, about 650 kbs > 3 min! I do't know how you make with SS, probably you have an account (what I have with RS). I know, it is an endless discussion and you can't buy an account everywhere…
Keep up the good work!

bravo juju said...

Glad to know that you've taken it. We are still trying to find out about the best server. RS presents a major problem, since you cannot upload single files with more than 100 MB. Most of the posts here are @320, so that could be a problem..

caldanitbrad said...

Morris has put out some brilliant music, especially with Matt Manieri, but he has also put out some more meandering fare. Have heard good news about this piece, so looking forward to checking it out.

Would be great if anyone can find his duet CD with William Parker...

Thanks for the exposure.

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