Friday, 10 August, 2007

Johnny Cash - Desperado (A Boy Named Sue)

Double cd collection of hits and misses
See comments for details



bravo juju said...

CD 1
1. ballad of a teenage queen
2. folsom prison blues
3. guess things happen that way
4. you're the nearest thing
5. get rhythm
6. next in line
7. i heard that lonesome whistle blow
8. straight a's in love
9. big river
10. hey porter
11. wreck of the old '97
12. country boy
13. sugartime
14. port of lonely hearts
15. train of love
16. ring of fire
17. if i were a carpenter

bravo juju said...

CD 2
1. rock island line
2. born to lose
3. the ways of a woman in love
4. cold cold heart
5. i walk the line
6. i just thought you'd like to know
7. thanks a lot
8. goodbye little darling
9. hey good lookin'
10. i could never be ashamed of you
11. i forgot to remember to forget
12. i love you because
13. just about time
14. there you go
15. two timin' woman
16. city of new orleans
17. jackson
18. orange blossom special

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