Sunday, 30 September, 2007

Bravo Clippings #15

American Meat Institute, 1949


Spring Day said...

Hehe, have I ever told you that I'm really a vegetarian? But no worries, not the missionary kind of vegetarian. I like your label "I don't hate vegetarians" though. I am just amazed by how many anti-vegetarian groups there are on the web. Seems vegetarianism is really a big threat to mankind, hehe

bravo juju said...

It seems that hatred is a kind of internet hobby for mankind nowadays.
I had no idea about anti-veg groups on the web, but a quick google search proves that you're right.
This is an ambiguous ad, since the picture is a little creepy and repugnant; it could well be an ironic pro-veg ad.
I really don't hate vegetarians, I just like to tease friends who are.
The label "I don't hate vegetarians" is a reference to a comment from The Rapeman's "Steak and Black Onions": "We don't hate vegetarians; we just think they're funny".
Cheers and bon appétit!

Spring Day said...

You're allowed to tease me too now, dear Juju ;-)

Nuage fiché qui rêve said...

This ad reminds me of a video I borrowed from my local library years ago. The film was simply called "Meat" and it followed a beef, from the farm to the finished products, over all the process of meat making. I am a vegetarian, as I already was when watching this film (from the US I believe). I couldn't give a reason for borrowing this, it was not in the purpose of confirming my decision on alimentation.
Also saw a short fecnh film on tv, called "le cochon" about the same process applied to a pig, but in a more artisanal scale, among a family context. On the same subject, I recall an episode from one of my favorite comic books (I used to collect some of them) : John Constantine, Hellblazer. All this was not instrumental in my turning to vegetarian. It was a very progressive process over the years and one day I felt it was enough. I stopped smoking in the same manner. I'll go search for these anti vegetarian groups. ? I'll be careful though, these lobbies like blood.