Tuesday, 4 September, 2007

Tcheka - Nu Monda (2005)

"While alluding to the musical traditions of his native island of Santiago, Tcheka's sound is entirely unique to his personal style. As a young boy, he performed alongside his father, a popular violinist at the island's village dances and festivities. But it was the songs of the women that appealed to him. He was enchanted by the beat of batuque, a traditional style rich with collective memory and popular identity, originally developed by Santiago's women to get around the ban on drums by the Church and the Portuguese colonial authorities.

[...] Sitting in a circle, they tapped on a bundle of cloth, normally made of piled loincloths that they rolled up and held between their legs. The style is still played in Santiago today, though some aspects have been adapted. [...] Young Tcheka heard these rhythms and dreamt of widening the appeal of batuque, turning it into a beat that everyone would love. And so he continued the trend that the women began by improvising and adapting tradition -- taking the time-honored rhythms out of the fields and transposing them to guitar." World Music Central

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bravo juju said...

Tcheka's Nu Monda comes with a bonus DVD featuring a live performance in Lisbon. Buy it.

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