Thursday, 13 September, 2007

V/A - Resonance 7.1 (1999)

1. Philip Corner - Earth Breath

2. Philip Corner + Anton Lukoszevieze - Soloist Piece

3. Pauline Oliveros - Deep Listening (for LMC)

4. John Cage - Musicircus (excerpt; 1967)
Clarinet - Linda Merrick
Conductor [Eight Trumpet Group] - Gregory Rose
Fiddle [Folk] - Pete Cooper
Performer - COMA Ensemble, COMA Voices, Daryl Runswick, Dave Ryan, Dave Smith, Ensemble Bash, Guidhall Percussion Ensemble, Gweneth-Ann Jeffers, Hugh Davies, Ian Mitchell, LSO Education Project, Simon Deorgher, Stefan Szcelkun
Piano - Lois Svard, Philip Mead, Yoko Ono
Directed By - Stephen Montague
Soprano Vocals - Allison Bell, Heather Edwards

5. Thurston Moore & John Tilbury, with Bryn Harris, Michael Parsons, Sophie Hampshire: Concerto for Guitar and Posthumous Scratch Orchestra
Guitar - Thurston Moore
Tape [Live Mix Of Various Archive Recordings Of The Scratch Orchestra] - Bryn Harris, John Tilbury, Michael Parsons, Sophie Hampshire

6. Mass Producers: PLSE (Mass)
Alto Saxophone - Annie Quicke, Belinda Braggins, Caroline McCookweir, Louise Petts, Sarah Osborne, Sarah Tobias, Sarha Moore, Yvonne Brown
Baritone Saxophone - Angele Veltmeijer, Beverly Chadwick, Caroline Kraabel, Felicity Vernon
Tenor Saxophone - Bettina Schmid, Claire Carayannis, Corinne Pollard, Kate Gittins, Rachel Bartlett, Sian MacDonald, Sue Lynch, Viv Soan

7. Xentos Jones: The Misanthrope
Performer [Machines] - Andy Lowe , Xentos
Voice Actor [Alceste] - Paul Wilcocks
Based on a Play by Molière


Check our other Resonance (Vol. 6.2) post and see the comments for Vol. 6.1 (courtesy of Lucky).

This is dedicated to Lucky, who sort of requested it.


Anonymous said...

thx, you dear likeminded poster, juju!

bravo juju said...

You're very welcome, Lucky. Thanks for Vol. 6.1; sounds very interesting. I wonder if someone has got previous volumes...
How will you take your absinthe?

Anonymous said...

i don't have any other resonance magazines/cds, and i haven't seen any other volumes posted somewhere.

the drink? on ice, with fresh water. thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

i forgot to say 'please' while ordering the drink.