Saturday, 22 September, 2007

Les Double Six - Les Double Six (1962)

1. Tickle Toe (Le racket et les balles) [Lester Young]
2. Early Autumn (Finalement l'automne est arrivé) [R. Burns & W. Herman]
3. Sweets (Les quatre de l'opéra) [Bill Russo]
4. Naima (Naima) [John Coltrane]
5. Westwood Walk (Histoire de baryton) [Gerry Mulligan]
6. A Night in Tunisia (Le tapis volant) [F. Paparelli & D. Gillespie]
7. A Ballad (Une ballade) [Gerry Mulligan]
8. Scrapple from the Apple (A batons rompus) [Charlie Parker]
9. Boplicity (La légende du troubador) [Cleo Henry]
10. Moanin' (La complainte du bagnard) [Bobby Timmons]
11. Fascinating Rhythm (Le pas qui plaira) [Gershwin]
12. Walkin' (Un tour au bois) [Richard Carpenter] previously unreleased track

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Nuage fiché qui rêve said...

My favorites on this one are Naima and Le Tapis Volant. Great vocalists

bravo juju said...

Those are also my highlights. Naima is great - a beautiful song, always: I probably never heard any bad interpretation of it. And "Le tapis volant" is an excellent translation for A Night in Tunisia.

Anonymous said...

versões jazz cantadas?? Vale a a pena sacar? mais informação, já agora...

bravo juju said...

há alguma (pouca) info no post anterior. tudo vale a pena se a banda não for pequena.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i really love this band and what music are you promoting here - i got a favor to aks: could you repost this album because the link is dead :(
my e-mail:

makuma said...

That's two here, I would love a repost of this one - just got the vinyl in today but still haven't learned how to rip my vinyl copies ;/

Best Regards