Friday, 21 September, 2007

Les Double Six - Meet Quincy Jones (1960)

"Sometimes considered to be the French incarnation of groups like the Hi-Lo's or Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, Les Double Six took a much jazzier approach to vocalese arrangements and performance than any similar band. They had a successful but short career, partly because of Perrin's health problems, leaving us with no more than four recordings. Using their voices like instruments, they were exceptional improvisors and one of the most innovative vocal ensembles of the era. In this record, Mimi Perrin leads the sextet through brilliant interpretations of Quincy Jones compositions for the Basie Band or his own orchestra, adding her humorous lyrics to the band's rich harmonies and quick phrasing".

1. For Lena and Lennie (En flânant dans Paris)
2. Rat Race (La course au rat)
3. Stockholm Sweetnin' (Un coin merveilleux)
4. Boo's Bloos (Au temps des Indiens)
5. Doodlin' (Tout en dodelinant)
6. Meet Benny Bailey (Au bout du fil)
7. Evening in Paris (Il y a fort longtemps)
8. Count'em (T'as foutu l'camp)



Nuage fiché qui rêve said...

My faves are Au bout du fil and Au temps des Indiens (for the lyrics)

Very nice, recommended !

Anonymous said...

Sorry for being late... can you please re-up? I've been looking for les Double-Six for ever... Thanks a million if you can.


bravo juju said...

We'll re-up this in a couple of days.
Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much bravo juju, I'll be wainting in the wings... Cheers to you and your blog !

bravo juju said...

Fresh link available. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Magnifique ! Merci mille fois pour cet album extraordinaire... Huge thanks for the new link !

Jamesonk said...

Please post the download link again. I'd be forever grateful!

Baron said...

Thank you