Wednesday, 5 September, 2007

V/A - Resonance 6.2 (1998)

1. U-Brown + King Tubby - The Big Licking Stick
(make your own dub by using the balance control - guaranteed fun!)
2. Roof - The Prince (live)
(Tom Cora: cello; Luc Ex: bass; Phil Minton: voice; Michael Vatcher: drums)
3. John Butcher - Three Scenes for Five Tenors
(no electronic processing; all sounds acoustically generated)
4. John Wynne - Electropathy
(consists only of sounds which are normally avoided in music recording)
5. John Wall - Untitled 4 (live extract)
(with instrumentalists John Edwards, Peter Sheppard and Jorg Windmann)
6. Ralf Wehowsky - Vier Vorspiele (parts 1+2)
(featuring Marchetti's L'Oeil Retourné; additional vocals by Dorothea Conradi)
7. Thomas Köner + Max Eastley - Im Concert Volkbuhne 4/97
(no comments)
8. Kaffe Matthews - How many planes are there in the sky at the same time?
(live sampling and processing of violin through LiSa)
9. Pita - Mincadub
(recorded live on mini-disc)
10. D - SDC
(no comments)
11. Ground Zero vs Xentos - Luk Ma Noh
(recorded live in London '97; deconstructed and remixed by Xentos)

link @320


Anonymous said...

thank you, your're in my rss@daily check :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Juju!

Following your advice to contact at your, I wasn't able to remember or find any adress from you - but here you are. ;)

If you want to contribute @ Avant, it would be the easiest if you just drop the dl-link at the LIST (link at the sidebar). I insert the link in the original post with the cover + info, and change the date, so it'll appear at the front page.

If YOU wanna reach me, hoax12 at gmx dot net (at=@ / dot=. / of course without space in between!)


P.S.: btw - I posted 2 of those Resonance comps (incl. the one here) back at my old blog Border Music, some months ago, and of course gone.

If you need, I have the 6.1 as well - w/ Faust, John French, Butch Morris, Altered States, Iancu Dumitrescu, George Lewis, Fong Naam, Charles Hayward, Charles Wharf & Simon H. Fell and the London Guitar Orchestra.

zhao said...

this series does not have anything to do with Resonance FM, the Wire radio show on BBC, does it?

thanks for Parker and Casserly as well.


bravo juju said...

Dear Anonymous:
Thanks for being a faithful customer. It is for your satisfaction that the Ewings keep working.

Dear Lucky:
I'm uploading Goldberg's album right now. Will leave the link at Avant
Yes, I'd love to listen to that Resonance issue. I have the 7.1 edition, and can post it here sometime in the near future.
Sad to know about the end of Cut-Out. I'll drop by at the funeral to leave a sincere eulogy.

Dear Zhao:
I don't know about any connection with Resonance FM, and I suppose there is none. This is a free CD distributed with the LMC magazine Resonance.
Thanks a lot for your recent comments here.
Hope you enjoy the records.

Anonymous said...

grazie for the kang, juju! the other resonance you have will be great, too. quitting to post on cut-out doesn't mean i'm out all the way.

@ zhao - yep, it's the same. it's run by the folks at lmc, and the wire is connected as well.

Anonymous said...

ok - haven't forgot this one:
Resonance 6.1, 320kbs, cover + info inside

Lucky :)

bravo juju said...

Lovely! You're too kind. We'll post the 7.1 issue soon, real soon.
Thanks and do drop by for a drink.

Anonymous said...

Okay - as a drink i'll take a chilled Pastis with ice water; or, if you don't have, an Absinthe would be cool , too! :)

Anonymous said...

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