Tuesday, 11 September, 2007

V/A - Chants Révolutionnaires du Monde

"This is the music of struggle and suffering, of sorrow and hope, of certitude and joy. Who can then hear these chants without hearing the voice of men from all times? Make no mistake about it: from all times, for even if these revolutionary hymns stem from modern times, they express a timeless struggle. We do not know what chants Spartacus' revolting slaves sang, but their revolt is sung here, their voice creating an unison with the voice of men in 1917 (...) We can listen to this revolution in this recording, roaring in the partisans' chant. 15 chants of justice, liberty, fraternity. Let us listen: it is the honor of Man singing here"
Max-Pol Fouchet, liner notes

1. L'Internationale [The International]
2. Les Partisans [The Partisans]
3. La Varsovienne [The Varsovian]
4. Le Chant des Survivants [The Survivors Chant]
5. Le Drapeau Rouge [The Red Flag]
6. Fleur Cueillie (Il est mort l'ami Lénine) [Plucked Flower (our friend Lenin is dead)]
7. Hardi, Camarades [Fear Not, Comrades]
8. Les Quatre Généraux (chant de la guerre d'Espagne) [The Four Generals (Spanish war song)]
9. L'Appel du Komintern [The Komintern's Call]
10. Le Chant des Marais [The Swamps Chant]
11. La Jeune Garde [The Young Guard]
12. Le Chant des Martyrs [The Martyrs Song]
13. Le Front des Travailleurs [The Workers Front]
14. Bandiera Rossa [Red Flag]
15. Solidarité [Solidarity]

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