Friday, 14 September, 2007

Zeni Geva - Desire for Agony (1993)

"Desire for Agony, by Japcore refuseniks Zeni Geva, sounds like an assemblage of all the most implosive moments of the past decade's rock, linking Cop-era Swans to death metal's first masterpiece, Death's 1988 Leprosy album, right up to the abstract sculptures of Caspar Brotzmann Massaker." Jakubowski, The Wire (April 1994)

"The Albini-helmed Desire for Agony is an exercise in guitar brutality and avant-extreme noise execution. However, it is not as directional in its attack; that is to say, Desire for Agony is a bit more oblique, jazzy even, at least in notational structure. Either way, there is no suppressing or sublimating KK Null's devastating guitar work -- not to mention his Samurai war vocals. Having developed his morbid fascination many years before, what with early album titles like Autofuck, How to Kill, and Skullfuck Live, Null certainly keeps the spirit -- Mishima-like -- alive with tracks like the titular "Desire for Agony" and "Autopsy Love," the latter of which steamrolls like Motorhead meets King Crimson (...) Desire for Agony, as with any Zeni Geva release, is about as intense as humanly possible". Patrick Kennedy, All Music Guide

K.K. Null: vocals and guitar
Mitsuro Tabata: guitar
Eito Noro: drums

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Anonymous said...

really death metal!

Anonymous said...

Is it musically correct to laugh at this?

missionair said...

thanks alot

ZG is brilliant

k_kase said...

Hello from Japan.
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